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Trust Services

We are now offering assistance with your Trust requirements. Capital Legacy offers Trust services, whereby we act as an independent Trustee on your Inter Vivos Trust for a monthly fee. This fee covers a number of factors, namely: 1) Independent Corporate Trusteeship Capital Legacy will be independent corporate Trustee. A representative, as nominated by Capital … Continued

Testamentary Reservations of Trust and company assets.

Estate Duty Implications We often see individuals establish companies and inter vivos Trusts with the intention of establishing purpose-driven Succession Plans. Yet, it often happens that these individuals retain a semblance of control over these assets, which results in them being able to bequeath these assets through their Wills. This testamentary provision allows an individual … Continued

Succession planning in your business

Possibly the most important business decision a business owner will ever make, and almost certainly the toughest, revolves around succession planning. Who will take over from you should something suddenly happen to you, and you are either no longer able to continue conducting business or have met with your demise? Should your business be sold? … Continued

Protecting your Legacy: Widow’s Trust

Drawing up a valid Last Will and Testament is one of the most important parts of the financial planning process and comprises much more than just nominating Heirs and appointing an Executor to administer your Estate. Widow’s Trust: Providing for your Spouse As you build your legacy it is important to ensure that you put … Continued

Loop Structures

Definition In light of the recent changes to Exchange Control within South Africa, the Income Tax Act has also been amended to accommodate this. Below we explore what a loop structure is and what Example An example of this is when a South African resident takes funds offshore by utilising their foreign investment allowance (R10 … Continued

Estate Life Policies and Estate Duty

In Estate planning, the effects of life policies for Estate duty purposes always need to be taken into consideration. It should be noted that the proceeds of a life assurance policy will be subject to Estate duty, which is liable for the payment thereof. Domestic Policies According to the Estate Duty Act, an Estate includes … Continued

Business Interests

This month we explore what effect business interests have on inheritance taxes such as Capital Gains Tax and Estate Duty. Continue reading to see how it may apply to you and affect the legacy you leave for your loved ones. Capital Gains Tax When you pass away, you are deemed to have disposed of your … Continued