Do Beneficiaries of a Will have any rights?


Yes. The Beneficiary(ies) as stipulated in a Will have many and various rights.

With regards to the process of Estate Administration, a Beneficiary may enquire of an Executor or directly from the Master of the High Court’s office as to the progress of the winding up of the Estate.

With regards to their inheritance, a Beneficiary may renounce an inheritance. However, when a Beneficiary renounces their inheritance, they renounce their entire inheritance. They cannot renounce just one item/aspect of the inheritance.

When joint assets are bequeathed to two or more Beneficiaries, the onus is generally on the Beneficiaries to amicably distribute the relevant assets in equal share or value.

If your query is more specified that what has been addressed here, we recommend that you seek the advice of a Will specialist.

*For the purposes of answering this question the term Beneficiary(ies) refers to Heir(s) and Legatee(s) as well as the Beneficiary(ies) of a Trust.