What is BeneFactor™?


BeneFactor™ is the built-in feature of MyLegacy Cover™ that gives you three different ways to structure your life cover benefit. You can choose the option that best suits you and you can change whenever you want.
i. MORE BENEFIT - Secure more life cover at lower rates. This means, based on your unique risk profile, we can secure additional cover for you (over and above the requested amount) at a cheaper rate which results in you benefitting from increased life insurance cover at substantially reduced rates.
ii. LESS PREMIUM – Reduce your monthly premiums without sacrificing cover. If cash flow is tight, you can select the LESS PREMIUM option which reduces your monthly premium but does not reduce your requested cover amount.
iii. CASH BACK – Receive up to 12 months premiums cash back every five years. Benefit not only from our reduced rates every month, but we’ll also pay you back a cash lump sum every five years equal to roughly 12 months’ worth of premiums.