Frequently asked questions


Can I get MyLegacy Cover without a LPP?

No, you cannot get MyLegacy Cover™ as a standalone life cover product. MyLegacy Cover™ is offered as an extender benefit of the Legacy Protection Plan™ as we harness our unique approach of indemnification of fees and integration of benefits.

What does MyAbility Cover™?

A combination of impairment and critical illness means you are covered for either event, and if the benefit goes unused it will pay out with your life cover and not fall away.

Does MyLegacy Cover™ and MyAbility Cover™ expire?

Both MyLegacy Cover™ and MyAbility Cover™ are whole of life benefits, they do not expire nor tapper down at any stage.

How much MyAbility Cover™ can I get?

MyAbility Cover™ is an accelerator extender of the MyLegacy Cover™ benefit. You can secure up to R5 million in severe illness and impairment cover.

How much life cover can I get with MyLegacy Cover™?

You can secure up to R10 million life cover with non-invasive underwriting and up to R15 million for which we require blood tests, several BeneFactor™ options that suit your lifestyle (see FAQ on BeneFactor™ for more detail), cover for severe illness and impairment up to R5 million through MyAbility Cover™, and you have the option of selecting whether you would like the life cover to pay directly to a Beneficiary, to a trust or your estate for which the executor’s fees are indemnified.