Frequently asked questions


How do I set up an appointment for KeyPlan™?

Contact us on 011 575 3335 or lifeinfo@capitallegacy.co.za and we will have one of our Testamentary Agents come out to assist you, where and when it is convenient for you.

Can I take KeyPlan™ if I am not government employee

Only government employees who are registered with PERSAL or PERSOL are eligible to take KeyPlan™.


The Personal and Salary System (PERSAL) is the central system used for the administration of the public service payroll.

What is the KeyPlan™ Legacy Protection Plan™?

KeyPlan™ is insurance cover provided to government employees for the legal fees and other associated costs that are payable by their Estates when they pass away.

Is Intestate Succession Applied to Islamic law?

If an estate is to be wound up according to intestate succession and the family decides to do it as per Islamic law, it can only be done via a redistribution agreement. This could lead to tax implications if proper planning is not done.