Brandon Garbutt chats to Darren Scott about the importance of updating a Will regularly.

In this interesting conversation, Brandon shares the industry’s rule of thumb on the updating of this important document. He also advises listeners to update their Wills annually, and highlights how life changing events warrant the updating of a Will.


Alex Simeonides provides listeners with insight on the general processes of Estate Administration.

Joining David Watts on his ‘Watts Involved’ podcast, our CEO, Alex Simonides explains the process of winding up an Estate and shares some of the factors which may cause delays. He also tells us how Capital Legacy has spent the last 10 years streamlining the Estate Administration process by having an experienced Estate Administration team and legal experts “under one roof”.


Grant Fietze joins Darren Scott on Mix 93.8 FM to join forces with ONEWingz and make a change.

We had the privilege of helping ONEWingz make a difference to a family in need. We strive to make the loss of a loved one easier, so when we got the call from Darren Scott, we jumped at the opportunity to assist.
To recap on this interview, listen here: https://soundcloud.com/user-84508620/grant-chats-to-darren-scott-on-mix93fm-15072022?utm_source=clipboard&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=social_sharing


Brandon Garbutt shares insight on how Capital Legacy makes the loss of a loved one easier.

Our MD, Brandon Garbutt, brings our mission to life as he explains how we help make the loss of a loved one easier through a professionally drafted Will and a streamlined Estate Administration process.
In this informative interview, he shares the information that a lot of people aren’t aware of when it comes to completing the documentation upon the passing of a loved one.


Alex Simeonides shares Legacy Lessons on the Watts Involved show

Our CEO, Alex Simeonides, shares “Legacy Lessons” from our experience in the Wills and Estates Administration industry over the last decade. In this interview, he provides information on why it is vital to ensure that you have a valid Will and are aware of the unexpected costs that your family may need to cover, should you pass away.
Learn why it’s crucial to nominate Guardians for your Minor Children, how your Marriage contract should align with your Will, who you can appoint as Executor/s on your Estate, how often you should update your Will, and more!


Mauritius: A Country to die in

It’s known for its beautiful beaches, enchanting sunsets and friendly people, but did you know that Mauritius does not charge inheritance tax? Though death and tax are topics which are not often synonymous with the perfect holiday destination, this article gives us more information on how this country gives people the peace of mind that their loved ones will not run into excessive costs when claiming their inheritance.
Read more about this here: www.fanews.co.za › article › estates-wills › mauritius-a-country-to-die-in


Nearly a million South Africans live abroad – but how does this affect their Wills.

In our latest article, Ken Newport, delves into the interesting topic of emigration. We find out how the number of South Africans leaving the country is ever increasing and what effect this has on the Wills which they have drafted in South Africa. Ken explains the difference between Local, Offshore and Worldwide Wills. Moreover, he discusses the validity of these Wills in foreign countries and shares insight into the importance of understanding the jurisdiction of the country which you are moving to, with regard to inheritance tax. This will ensure that you do not incur unforeseen expenses and that the Estate will be looked after in accordance with your wishes.


Capital Legacy – A Success Story

In our most recent article, our CEO, Alex Simeonides, reveals why Capital Legacy has seen such a growth over the past two years. In a time where jobs security has been the topic of many conversations, this article gives insight into how Capital Legacy has created jobs in a time where the unemployment rate has risen at a rapid rate in South Africa. This written piece also shares our new campaign, “Secure their next steps, today” which speaks to the fact that our children are our priority and the importance of having a valid and up-to-date Will in place to ensure that their future is secure in the event of unforeseen circumstances. To find out more, click on the link below:

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Our CEO, Alex Simeonides, chats to Tony Blewitt about the cost of dying.

Did you know that even death comes at a price? In his most recent interview, our CEO, Alex Simeonides, chats to Tony Blewitt about the costs of dying and the solutions that Capital Legacy has put into place to help our Clients avoid these expenses. Learn more about how our solution covers legal fees at death such as Masters fees and conveyancing attorney fees, inheritance tax and other immediate expenses.


134 500 Covid orphans in South Africa.

In our latest article, we tackle the interesting yet sad reality of the very high number of Children who have become orphans during the Covid 19-Pandemic. We are made aware of how Children suffer the loss of a Guardian, which may be a Parent, Grandparent, older Sibling or a distant Relative and that this leaves them to fend for themselves. Find out more about the importance of having a valid Will in place to ensure that your Child is looked after when you are no longer around, especially in these unprecedented times.

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