Our MD, Brandon Garbutt, chat to Simon on Hot91.9FM

Our MD, Brandon Garbutt, chat to Simon on Hot91.9FM about having changed processes to ensure Clients were still able to have their Wills drafted during lockdown, as well as the importance of speaking to someone who understands testamentary law and can give you important and relevant advice. They also chat about some of the consequences if someone were to pass away without a Will, or valid Will in place. During Wills Week, Capital Legacy is actively working towards educating the nation, as we already provide Wills at no cost to Clients, we take this opportunity to educate.

Our CEO Alex Simeonides, chats to Tony Blewitt about the importance of Wills

Our CEO Alex Simeonides, chats to Tony Blewitt about the importance of Wills to combat the scary statistic of 75% of South Africans passing away without a valid Will in place. Next week is National Wills Week – a week during which many lawyers provide Wills for free, upon the Law Society’s initiative. However, as Capital Legacy provides Wills year-round, we use this opportunity to educate our nation on the importance of a Will.

Leaving a lasting legacy your will your family and organ donation

Leaving a legacy starts with so much more than just a plan in your head. Your legacy is determined by the inheritance you leave behind for your loved ones but it also includes the impact you make on the world around you. Capital Legacy supports the Organ Donor Foundation by making it easy and convenient for people to sign up to become an organ donor but also to include it in their Wills, documenting this selfless, life-changing action. In this article, our MD, Brandon Garbutt elaborates on the relationship Capital Legacy has with the Organ Donor Foundation, and the impact the Company is making through this partnership.

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Our MD, Brandon Garbutt, chats to Darren Scott to discuss the upcoming Wills Weeks

Our MD, Brandon Garbutt, chats to Darren Scott to discuss the upcoming Wills Week and how Capital Legacy has opted to make it Wills Month to educate South Africa on the importance of having a valid and up-to-date Will. They discuss whether awareness weeks truly help in changing statistics, in general, and certainly whether this is reflected when it comes to Will-drafting. Capital Legacy strives to make drafting a Will easy by availing more than 100 consultants who meet with Clients, where and when it is convenient. They also chat about the consequences of not having a Will – such as family feuds occurring because no-one is sure what you may have wanted to have happened to your assets and family heirlooms, unmarried partners will not benefit and who you want to appoint as the guardian of your minor children.

Alex Simeonides chats about who Capital Legacy is with Tony Blewitt

During this interview with Tony Blewitt, Alex Simeonides chats about who Capital Legacy is – the pioneers of providing Wills for free and providing a solution to the cost of dying. They chat about the importance of Wills and what some of the consequences are of dying without having a valid Will in place. The purpose of National Wills Week is to educate the nation and several attorneys participate by offering basic Wills for free. Capital Legacy does this for free all year round and use the month within which Wills Week falls to educate our nation and to change the stats of a nation.

National Wills Week – Why you should take note!

More than 75% of South Africans pass away without a valid Will in place, causing devastating consequences for their families and dependants.

To help combat this statistic, the Law Society of South Africa (LSSA) promotes National Wills week, every year, and participating attorneys offer their Will-drafting services for basic Wills at no cost to clients.

A Will and other important things to check when buying property

Our MD, Brandon Garbutt, shares with Property 24, on their podcast, about the importance of a Will and what the consequences may be if someone passes away without a Will, especially when under-aged children are involved. They also discuss Capital Legacy’s new product HomeVantage™ and how this meets the gaps that have been identified within the market. Firstly, we make the entire process simpler for homebuyers as well as involving financial advisors in the process their Clients go through when purchasing what is usually their biggest asset.

They also discuss Succession Planning™ which is another new service and product that Capital Legacy will be launching on the 1st of November.

Capital Legacy shakes up the home-buyers’ market with HomeVantage™

One of the new products Capital Legacy will be launching on the 1st of November is HomeVantage™ – our new product suite that meets the shortcomings we have identified within the homeowners’ market. HomeVantage™ allows individuals who are purchasing homes to the value of R 2 million or more, to secure a bond with a favourable interest rate, as well as secure cash benefits that helps them pay off their bond sooner.

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Waardevolle voordele vir huiskopers aangebied

“Toe ons ondersoek na die huiskopersmark ingestel het, het twee tekortkominge vir ons duidelik geword. Eerstens is die hele proses ingewikkeld en ongerieflik vir die kliënt en tweedens word die finansiële adviseur by die aankoop van een van die kliënt se grootste bates uitgesluit. Die finansiële adviseur is die individu op wie die kliënt steun en vertroue vestig om hulle by te staan en advies te gee oor beleggings en nalatenskapbeplanning,” verduidelik Brandon Garbutt, besturende direkteur van Capital Legacy.

Jou nalatenskap deurstaan die tyd van geslag na geslag

Boedelbeplanning hoef nie gekompliseerd te wees nie. Die begin met die opstel van jou Testament wat verseker dat jou Boedel beredder word soos jy wil hê dit moet beredder word. Klik op die skakel om verder te lees.

Publication: Die Plattelander