Alex Simeonides chats to Tony Blewitt about testamentary trusts

A testamentary trust is a trust that is established according to a deceased individual’s wish in their valid Last Will and Testament. In other words, it is planned for in your Will but only comes into effect when you pass away. Alex Simeonides chats to Tony Blewitt about the various types of purpose-driven trusts and how they meet the unique needs of beneficiaries through methods that work and that are easy to set up. Discover how easy we have made it to provide for a trust in your Will, ensuring financial provision and safeguarding of assets for your beneficiaries and dependants.


To Trust or not to Trust

It’s a common misconception perpetuated by misinformation and often ignorance that trusts are only for the rich — the benefits of which are only enjoyed by “trust fund babies”.
Testamentary trusts are trusts you create through your will and when set up correctly they provide financial provision, safeguarding of assets, and certainty for beneficiaries, until they are able to manage their inheritances on their own.



Brandon Garbutt chats to Darren Scott about testamentary trusts

Darren Scott interviews our Managing Director, Brandon Garbutt. They have an interesting discussion about Wills and Trusts as part of your Estate Planning. Learn how testamentary trusts can be setup with your Last Will and Testament to provide financial provision, safeguarding of assets, and certainty for your beneficiaries and dependants. Discover three popular purpose-driven trusts available including: Legacy Childrens Trust, Legacy Widows Trust and Legacy Providers Trust.


Alex Simeonides on MoneywebNOW discussing testamentary trusts

Simon Brown interviews our CEO, Alex Simeonides about how testamentary trusts can provide financial provision, safeguarding of assets, and certainty for your beneficiaries and dependants.

Alex explains the various types of purpose-driven trusts (children’s trust, widow’s trust, provider’s trust and more) and how you can provide for a trust when drafting your Will.


Jou Koninkryk

Die werklikheid is dat meer as 75% van Suid Afrikaners afsterf sonder om ‘n geldige Testament in plek te hê. Jy mag dalk nie ‘n Zoeloe-koning wees met miljoene in bates nie, maar jy is beslis koning van jou eie koninkryk en baas van jou eie (en jou gesin se) nalatenskap.
Ongeag van wat jy mag dink van die Zoeloe-koning, het hy ‘n goeie voorbeeld gestel vir alle Suid Afrikaners, deur tyd te bestee om sy sake in orde te kry en sy Testament op te stel. Te veel Suid Afrikaners stel uit tot dit te laat is, en dit kan hartverskeurende gevolge hê vir hul gesinne en afhanklikes.



Tony Blewitt and our CEO, Alex Simeonides, have another thought-provoking discussion around Wills and how easy we’ve made it for everyone to get their affairs in order through the option of free virtual Will consultations. Alex makes an appeal to listeners to prioritise getting their Wills drafted as we navigate the third wave. He explains how we have expert Will consultants across the country ready to assist with Will drafting and how Wills form the cornerstone of Estate Planning.



Our Managing Director, Brandon Garbutt, was interviewed by William Lehong on e.TV’s The Morning Show. They had an interesting and informative discussion on Wills, why the late Zulu King’s Will was contested, how SARS treats Cryptocurrency in your Estate and the importance of taking action and having your Will drafted as we navigate the third wave. Watch the full interview and learn more about pitfalls to avoid when having your Last Will and Testament drafted and how we make the process easy through our free online Will consultations.


Alex Simeonides On The Aubrey Masango Show

Gushwell Brooks interviews our CEO, Alex Simeonides, on the Aubrey Masango show on 702. They have a very interesting discussion on the importance of having a Will in place. Alex shares invaluable insight into the potential pitfalls of not having your Will drafted by a professional and the disastrous consequences for your family if you don’t have a valid Last Will and Testament in place. They chat about why so many South Africans procrastinate when it comes to proper Estate Planning and Will drafting and how easy and accessible Capital Legacy have made it to draft your Will through a complimentary Will consultation with an expert consultant. Alex also answers listener questions related to Wills and Estates, from the unexpected costs associated with dying, to questions around property inheritance and the link between your Will and antenuptial contract. A superb and worthwhile conversation to listen to.


Why the Zulu King’s last will & testament is so important for South Africans

The late King Goodwill Zwelithini, King of the Zulu nation, the largest monarchy in South Africa, passed away earlier this year after ruling for more than 53 years on the throne. His passing has set off a series of dramatic events that are still playing out in the public eye, and in the courts.

So why is this case important for us as South Africans you ask? The reality is that over 75% of South Africans pass away without a valid Will in place. You may not be a Zulu King with millions in assets, but you are certainly king of your own kingdom and master of your own (and your family’s) legacy.




If you missed our MD, Brandon Garbutt, LIVE on air with MixFM’s Darren Scott, catch the interview here.
Brandon and Darren have an interesting discussion around hot topics making headlines in the media, including the late Zulu King’s Will debacle and Cryptocurrency in relation to your Estate.
Brandon also emphasises the importance of having a valid Will in place and how easy Capital Legacy has made it to get your Will in order through our complimentary Will consultations, also available online.