Diego Maradona: No Last Will & Testament Means More Drama

On the 25th of November 2020, football legend Diego Maradona succumbed to heart failure, according to a source from the Argentinian Justice Ministry. To cap off a life of drama, he did not have a Last Will & Testament in place dealing with his $90mil Estate. Very quickly there seems to be a battle brewing between his heirs and alleged heirs that could take years to resolve in the courts.

Reading this, you may think it’s irresponsible for Maradona not to have had a Will in place, but did you know that nearly 75% of South Africans also pass away without a Will?

Our Managing Director, Brandon Garbutt, unpacks Intestate Succession (passing away without a Will) and how a Will can protect your loved ones.

Image Credit: https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/54810392



OUR MD, BRANDON GARBUTT, chats about success of the wills month

Our Managing Director, Brandon Garbutt, chats to Sasha Martinengo about the success of the recent Wills Month and National Wills Week in particular. Brandon shares how Capital Legacy was able to assist over 7 500 people in having their Will Drafted. Discover how “every week is Wills’ week” with Capital Legacy and how we offer complimentary Will consultations year-round. Learn more about the risks of passing away intestate (without a valid Will in place) and how you can take action and have your Will drafted today. Brandon urges listeners not to procrastinate and explains how we have over 100 consultants ready to come to you to assist you with a personal consultation, when and where it may be convenient for you.


Due to the overwhelming response to the first on-air discussion around Wills and Estate Planning, Alex was invited back for a second interview on the Pippa Hudson show on Cape Talk. Listeners could again call in with Wills, Trusts and Estate Administration questions.

Find out more about Guardianship, appointing of Trustees and Executorship. Interesting questions were raised around Wills, such as: What happens where someone has developed dementia and is no longer in a position to make responsible decisions about the inheritance that they would like to leave to their children? Can Executors fees can be avoided or negotiated? Does an existing life policy with a named beneficiary form part of an Estate and would there be estate duties payable on that policy?

Our MD, Brandon Garbutt, joins Hot91.9 FM at Papachinos for the Teddython drive

Our MD, Brandon Garbutt, joins Hot91.9 FM at Papachinos for the Teddython drive. They briefly chat about Capital Legacy’s ongoing efforts to educate South Africa about the importance of a Will and the great launch that was hosted by Larry King. But, most importantly, Brandon pledged R10 000 on behalf of Capital Legacy. However, he also pledged R10 000 from himself challenging other MDs to follow suit and support a valuable cause.

Elana Afrika-Bredenkamp interviews our CEO, Alex Simeonides

Elana Afrika-Bredenkamp interviews our CEO, Alex Simeonides, on the various aspects that affect a Last Will and Testament, such as whether couples should draft a Will together, what happens if there is a child out of wedlock and how to work around potential forgery of the signature on a Will.

They touch on the topic of taxes that affect inheritance as well as how we as the Executor will attempt to contact heirs, in the event of a client’s death. They also explore how your marital regime/contract affects your Will, as well as what the various Trust structures are.

Alex Simeonides answers questions on Pippa Hudson’s show.

Our CEO, Alex Simeonides, was invited to answer a few questions on Pippa Hudson’s show on Cape Talk. After answering a few general questions around what a Will is and why it’s so important to have a valid and up-to-date Will, they took a few questions around Wills and Estate Administration from listeners.

Education is a legacy

Capital Legacy has partnered with Ackermans and Mattel for their #WeAreBarbie campaign. For this campaign, Capital Legacy is sponsoring three education trusts worth R10 000 each, which will be awarded to the winners in Ackermans’ Instagram competition.


Our MD, Brandon Garbutt, chat to Simon on Hot91.9FM

Our MD, Brandon Garbutt, chat to Simon on Hot91.9FM about having changed processes to ensure Clients were still able to have their Wills drafted during lockdown, as well as the importance of speaking to someone who understands testamentary law and can give you important and relevant advice. They also chat about some of the consequences if someone were to pass away without a Will, or valid Will in place. During Wills Week, Capital Legacy is actively working towards educating the nation, as we already provide Wills at no cost to Clients, we take this opportunity to educate.

Your Will and the Reality of Procrastination

Our Managing Director, Brandon Garbutt, shares on the importance of ensuring that your Last Will and Testament is kept up to date. He explores some of the consequences that could be experienced by your family if your Will is not valid or it has not been kept up to date.



Leaving a lasting legacy – Your will, your family and organ donation

There’s no doubt that life is getting busier and busier. With cell phones, emails, social media, work pressures, global pandemics, local politics and more, we never seem to have any downtime. Days seem to roll into weeks, and weeks into months, and we find ourselves asking: “Where did the year go?”

The reality is that most people are living month to month and have very little time to think about the future – never mind thinking about the legacy they want to leave behind one day.