Afsonderingsperiode: Maak maklik seker jou testament is geldig

Die afsonderingsperiode het heelwat Suid-Afrikaners aangespoor om hulle testamente aanlyn of telefonies te laat opstel. Sosiale distansiëring en ‘n geleidelike heropening van ondernemings oor die komende maande mag dit egter moeilik maak om te verseker dat hierdie nuwe opgedateerde testamente voldoen aan wetgewing.

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CANSA Benefits from Capital Legacy – Legacy Protection Plan™

It is important that you are made aware of the fees associated with carrying out your wishes and tying up loose ends when you are gone. These fees are often an unknown or forgotten aspect of your legacy planning and can amount to thousands of rands that, if not provided for, can eat up a large chunk of the intended benefit you wish to leave to your beneficiaries in terms of your Will.

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Isolering en Sanitasie – Maar hoe skoon is jou Finansiële Sake?

Weens die globale Covid-19 pandemie, staar Suid-Afrikaners nog ’n tydperk van isolasie in die gesig, en baie gene pas streng higiëniese maatreëls toe om infeksie te vermy. Maar terwyl jy jou huis skoonmaak, is dit die ideale tyd om jou finansiële sake ‘op te ruim’ en ’n paar goed af te handel wat al vir te lank uitgestel is — soos die opdatering van jou Laaste Wil en Testament.

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Simple steps to make sure your will is valid during the lockdown

The lockdown has spurred many South Africans to complete their wills online or over the telephone. But social distancing regulations and a phased re-opening of businesses over the coming months can make it difficult to ensure that these new or updated wills comply with the law.

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7 additional costs your family will have to pay after the funeral

Many South Africans have some plan in place to help cover the costs of the funeral should a loved one pass away. But there are many more costs related to death that you should plan for, writes CEO of Capital Legacy, Alex Simeonides.

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Wills, Estate Administration and Succession Planning Webinar

Only 30% of South Africans currently have Wills and very few people are aware of the many costs associated with winding up an estate. The stats show that not many people have prioritised drafting their Will but Covid-19 has awoken many to the reality of death and the importance of a Will. Many think that the task of planning what will happen with your estate is laborious, but this does not need to be the case. Your financial advisor should be the person who facilitates your Will draft while putting your estate plan in place. Capital Legacy Solutions (CLS) has what it calls “the golden thread”, which links all of this together.

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Clients rush to update Wills

Since health minister Zweli Mkhize indicated that an estimated number of 40 000 to 45 000 South Africans could die from Covid-19 by November, a number of law firms have seen a spike in requests for wills, Consumer Line has discovered.

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Ensuring your Will is signed during Lockdown

With Lockdown lasting beyond most people’s initial expectations, many are realising the gravity of the situation and have started taking action towards drafting their Wills and checking on other policies.

Simon Parkinson chats to our MD, Brandon Garbutt, on how Capital Legacy has met this need of drafting Wills during Lockdown and how we have solved the challenge of you not being able to sign your Will as law dictates because of the Lockdown and social distancing regulations.

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SA Frontline Government Employees get free Will and legal cover from Capital Legacy

Our MD, Brandon Garbutt, discusses the details of our initiative to support Frontline Government Employees with PowerFM presenter Kwena. Capital Legacy has positioned itself provide Wills and indemnified cover for legal costs up to the value of R250 000 to cover the cost of dying, all at no cost, to SA’s Frontline Government Employees.

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Covid-19: How To Make Sure Your Clients’ Wills Are Valid During South Africa’s Lockdown

Lockdown has spurred many South Africans to draw up their Wills online or over the telephone. But with every new circumstance we are often presented with challenges that require innovation and creative solutions to overcome these challenges.

Publication: Polity, Cover, Insurance Gateway