Industry-first financial services solutions for Islamic communities in South Africa – Tazkiya™

As Capital Legacy we will be launching a long-term financial services and products suite, specifically for the Islamic community within South Africa. The Tazkiya™ offering will include the provision of an Islamic Will drafted according to the Hanafi or Shafi’i School of Thought, life cover that meets Quranic principles as well as Estate Administration that honours the Quranic Heirs.

The provision of the entire products and services offering – from the drafting of your Islamic Will to the administration of your Estate according to Quranic principles – has not yet been done through a single financial services provider in South Africa.

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Alex chats to Tony Blewitt about Capital Legacy turning 8

Our CEO, Alex Simeonides, chats to Tony Blewitt about Capital Legacy turning 8 and what his motivation is for being one of the founding members of Capital Legacy. Alex relays the story of approaching a widow to pay for the Executor fees which affects the investment of inheritance as the inheritance is severely diminished. They also discuss why so many South Africans delay in getting their Wills drafted, which results in 75% of South Africans passing away without a valid Will in place. Alex emphasises how Capital Legacy makes it easy and convenient for South Africans to draft a valid and up-to-date Will, by availing more than 100 consultants, countrywide, to meet with Clients where and when it is convenient for the Clients.

Brandon Garbutt, our MD, chats to Sasha Martinengo on Magic828

Our MD, Brandon Garbutt speaks to Sasha Martinengo, from Magic828 AM, about the importance of a Will, and how we as Capital Legacy address the shocking statistic that nearly 75% of South Africans pass away without a valid Will in place. They also explore the consequences of passing away without a Will and the upcoming National Wills Week, in October.

Five question about your Will you may be too afraid to ask

We answer the following questions regarding drafting your Will:

Why do I need a Will?
Who should I appoint as my executor?
What fees or costs will my family have to cover when I die?
Where should I keep my Will?
Will a Will stop family members from fighting over my possessions after I die

Beplan om iets na te laat

Jy hoef nie ryk of beroemd te wees om iets na te laat nie, maar jy moet slim te werk gaan. Alex Simeonides, uitvoerende hoof van Capital Legacy, sê boedelbeplanning hoef nie ingewikkeld of moeilik te wees nie. “Dis skokkend dat bykans 75 persent van Suid-Afrikaners sterf sonder dat hulle ’n geldige of opgedateerde testament het,” sê Alex.

7 Addisionele kostes wat gedek moet word deur jou geliefdes na jou begrafnis

“Begrafnisdekking en lidmaatskap van ’n begrafnisgenootskap speel ’n belangrike rol in ons samelewing,” sê Simeonides. “Omdat baie gesinne nie ’n groot genoeg noodfonds beskikbaar het om die koste van ’n begrafnis te dek nie, is hierdie een manier om ander gesinslede te vrywaar teen skuld wanneer ’n geliefde afsterf. Ongelukkig hou die onkostes nie op na die begrafnis nie. Jy sal wil verseker dat jou gesin hierdie onverwagte kostes sal kan dek na jou afsterwe.”

Daar is 7 onvermydelike kostes waarvoor jou geliefdes sal moet betaal as jy nie daarvoor beplan nie.

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Capital Legacy shakes up the life insurance market with MyCover™

Most people know the importance of life cover, but South Africans by and large are still grossly under-insured. “This reality really hits home when sitting with a family, after the breadwinner has passed away, trying to figure out how to pay for bills, debts, school fees and ultimately considering selling assets such as their home or car just to make ends meet,” says Simeonides.

MyCover™ is life cover that has been designed as an extender benefit to the core product, the Legacy Protection Plan™ that accompanies your Will to meet your financial Estate planning needs. As part of the Legacy Protection Plan™, the additional Executor’s fees created by the life cover is indemnified, saving the client.

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Brandon Garbutt chatted to Darren Scott from Mix FM about the importance of a Will

Our MD, Brandon Garbutt chatted to Darren Scott from Mix FM about the importance of a Will and the consequences of dying without one. They also chat about HomeVantage™ – one of four new products Capital Legacy will be bringing to the financial and fiduciary markets, on 1 September.

HomeVantage™ is a stack of products that have been created to meet needs that have been identified in the home loan and homeowner’s market – it is a laborious exercise for someone looking to buy a new home and the financial advisor is not part of their Client securing what is usually their greatest asset. As part of the services provided in this stack, we ensure that Clients revise or draft their Wills to reflect this life-changing event.

Radio Interview

Our MD, Brandon Garbutt, chatted to Guy McDonald about HomeVantage, our new and innovative product stack for home-buyers

Alex Simeonides chats to Tony Blewitt about new products

Our CEO, Alex Simeonides, chatted to Tony Blewitt about our new product MyCover that will be available from 1 September 2020, as well as Wills month coming up in October.