Listen to our CEO, Alex Simeonides, being interviewed by Aubrey Masango on The Aubrey Masango Show, on 702.

Alex comments on the recent increased awareness of people regarding Wills and online research into the topic. They discuss the regulations regarding signing a Will and how that is problematic with the current national lockdown.

They further discuss current trends of people making long lists of wishes that are often impractical and bequeathing money they don’t have to give or don’t take into consideration the debt that is bound to an asset. They also discuss preparing guardians and beneficiaries on what they can expect.

Listen to our CEO, Alex Simeonides, being interviewed for the Executive Lounge on SAfm Market with Moneyweb.

Alex shares on his professional journey and what has transpired to bring him to this point where he is CEO of Capital Legacy. He also elaborates on the motivation for creating the Legacy Protection Plan™ and how the three Ps – People, Promise and Paper – fit together, within the business model.

What drives you as a leader? – “We help people solve an administrative issue that you only get one chance to get right – your Will is only used once. And even though errors still occur, I am driven to make sure that this doesn’t happen.”

Finansiële Advies – Spaar, belê en beskerm

Dit is onmoontlik om nie aan finansies te dink nie, en dus het almal ‘n finansiële plan.

Geen beplanning, wat die slegste geval sou wees, is ook ‘n plan. So, wat gaan jy anders doen om te verseker dat jy in 2021 in ‘n beter finansiële posisie sal wees.

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Three reasons why you should update your Will

While South Africans continue to self-isolate during the next few weeks, here are three reasons why you should make sure you have a valid and up-to-date Will in place, notes Capital Legacy.

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Give your clients certainty in uncertain times

Capital Legacy, the South African fiduciary company that assists more than 6 000 clients each month to draft their Wills and secure protection against the real cost of dying has launched a contact-free consultation process as part of its comprehensive response to the recent Coronavirus pandemic.

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Listen to our MD, Brandon Garbutt, being interviewed by Simon Parkinson.

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Capital Legacy is striving to create certainty in times of uncertainty. With so many people feeling disconcerted at the moment, we strive to still help them get their Wills in order even if they choose to self-isolate. We have created a product and method of consultation that allows them to still get their Wills drafted as well as secure protection against the costs of dying.

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Don’t take your Bitcoin to the grave

Whether it’s Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin or Monero, your cryptocurrency fortune could be lost forever if you pass away without giving your beneficiaries the private ‘keys’ to your digital assets.

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Wat is die beste vir jou en vir jou maat?

Die verloofring is aan die vinger en die troue word beplan. Maar het julle al gepraat oor jul geldsake? Kelly Minnie het kenners gevra waaroor paartjies behoort te dink.

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Reg of verkeerd – Geldsake voor die huwelik

Lesley Coetzee, Hoof van nasionale distribusie by Capital Legacy gesels oor die belangrikheid van huwelikskontrakte en testamente.

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Public servants should be held to a higher level of standards, values and ethics

South Africa has a robust anti-corruption framework, but the laws are inadequately enforced. Besides this, what value system are public officials supposed to be governed by? South Africans are quick to quote “Batho Pele” – the Sotho term for “People first” but as is illustrated this doesn’t necessarily happen at a governmental level.

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