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Capital Legacy Shakes Up the South African Financial Services Industry

 Johannesburg. Capital Legacy, South Africa’s leading provider of Wills, has been operating in the fiduciary and financial industry since 2012. Over the last eight years they have provided more than 300 000 clients with Wills and indemnified over R 70 billion in fees covering estate administration which has aided them in gaining invaluable experience and insight into consumer needs and trends.

Women in leadership leaving a legacy

Leaving a legacy is more than the likes on your Instagram page or the number of shares you get on Facebook. It’s about what you contribute to this world and the journey you travel to get there. This year for Women’s Day, we celebrate women in leadership. We have interviewed Deenisha Nadesan on her journey to date, and what it has been like travelling on it. At only 35 years old, she is one of the Directors of Capital Legacy Fiduciary Services and a leader in her own right.

Women – You are okay, you are strong, you are a legacy

If you are on any form of social media, you have most likely seen the video of the 2-year old girl who hurts her hand in the door. Her mom encourages her to repeat a type of mantra – “I’m okay, I’m strong, I’m beautiful, I’m loved, I’m worthy” (at which point the little girl starts smiling). It’s encouraging but it also reminded me that these small reiterations of what we do and say create our legacies, regardless of our life stages.