Capital Legacy’s Brandon Garbutt to Step Down as Chief Operating Officer

Capital Legacy COO, Brandon Garbutt, has announced that he will be leaving Capital Legacy at the end of the year.

Capital Legacy’s Brandon Garbutt to Step Down as Chief Operating Officer

Brandon made the announcement to Capital Legacy staff and management on Friday 9 June, where the news was met with much surprise and sadness. 

On explaining his decision, Brandon said that it had not been an easy one to make. 

“It’s been an unbelievable journey of extremely hard work, late nights, lots of travel, stresses, unmistakable successes and, of course, fun”, he said. “At this time of my life, however, I feel that I have done what I set out to do here and now it’s time for me to reassess my direction and to focus on my family.” 

Speaking on the announcement, Capital Legacy Founder and CEO, Alex Simeonides, said that although the news had come as a surprise to many, he and Brandon have been in discussions about this for some time now.

“It takes a true leader to understand when it’s a good time to leave a business,” said Alex. “In the eight years of working side-by-side with Brandon, we have both grown and learnt so much from each other. It has been the most memorable era of my corporate life, he will be truly missed.”

Brandon has been an integral part of the Capital Legacy team for the past eight years and has been instrumental in orchestrating a new business engine for the company, bringing new products to market, and building great management teams.

Brandon’s remaining six months at Capital Legacy will be focused on completing some pivotal projects that the company is currently working on, as well as assisting Alex in carefully crafting the succession plan that will take Capital Legacy well into the future.

I wanted to leave the business in a great position - as a true market leader when it comes to wills and estates. We have achieved this!”, said Brandon. “The business is forging ahead in the local market and I am looking forward to watching it become one of the formidable brands in South Africa. I am, and always will be, incredibly grateful to everyone at Capital Legacy, including the entire leadership team and especially to Alex for his support, guidance and most of all his friendship. I am proud of what we’ve achieved together over the last eight years at Capital Legacy!”

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