It’s not an easy conversation, but death happens to us all.

Life is busy but your will is one of the most important documents you'll ever draft and all we need is an hour of your time.

Family of 2 kids, husband and wife. Draft your will today.
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Your will is important, so is planning for the costs of dying. Here's why:

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Meet Mark.

Mark is one of only 30% of South Africans who got his will in place in order to protect his family if he’s no longer around.


Mark never thought about the fees his executor & trustees will charge, leaving his estate and beneficiaries with much less than he hoped for.

The Solution!

For as little as R 135 per month, our Legacy Protection Plan™ solves this and many other problems, should you pass away.

Don't be like Mark and leave problems when you want to leave a legacy!

Why do your will with Capital Legacy?

Because whichever way you look at it, we have the solution all under one roof

The Will

The Will

With access to a specialist consultant, free collection and safe-keeping, and unlimited amendments at no cost, our services provide an easy and stress-free way to secure your will.

Your Beneficiaries

Your Beneficiaries

Our services offer the option to create a trust for your loved ones, especially those with disabilities, and provide a personal estate consultant to guide you through the process.

Your Estate

Your Estate

Our services provide the flexibility of choosing any executor, the assurance of established in-house professionals administering the process, and the option of covering costs up to 100% upfront.

Your Trusts

Your Trusts

We will take care of all the trusts required by your will to ensure your beneficiaries are protected and get the most of their inheritance.

Did you know…

Capital Legacy was the first to bring out an insurance policy integrated with your will that pays for the fees and costs when you pass away. It's called the Legacy Protection Plan™ and has revolutionised the industry, helping more than 300 000 South Africans since we launched in 2012.

Insurance policy integrated with your will for your beneficiaries
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Calculate your cost of dying

No hidden agendas with us... There are costs but NOT for the will itself, rather the executor & trustee fees should you choose to appoint us. We have a solution for these fees but first, let's quickly help you estimate these.

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Provide funding for your family to cover your estate legal costs

Why do I need the Legacy Protection Plan™?

This policy is the most cost effective way to provide funding to cover your estate legal costs. It can also prevent massive delays in administering your estate, saving your family trauma and at worst financial ruin.

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Affordable premiums for any age, with BIG benefits

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Has no cease-age and covers you for your entire life

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Includes cash benefits to plug gaps that your other policies cannot

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For as little as R 105.87 pm

Integrated benefits

With the Legacy Protection Plan™

Immediate Liquidity™

Estate Overheads Protector™

Estate Gap Cover™

Immediate Liquidity™

When you pass away, your family could have limited access to money. Ensure there is money available to cater for things such as funeral expenses, travel arrangements, groceries and other immediate expenses. This benefit pays within 48 hours giving rapid relief to your loved ones.

Estate Overheads Protector™

Estates take time to wrap up and there are costs that can become an additional burden to your family. This benefit is available in cash to the executor of the Estate, to help them pay for the costs relating to the Estate, such as Master's fees, correspondence fees, property clearance and advertising costs.

Estate Gap Cover™

If both you and your spouse should pass away, it can be a financial shock to your beneficiaries. It’s often too expensive to cover the costs associated with both spouses passing away simultaneously. Through this benefit, you can provide for inheritance taxes and other additional legal costs as well as the loss of monthly income.

Frequently asked questions

Can a last will and testament expire?

No, wills are perpetual by nature, which means once the testator proofs and validates his will, it will never terminate. A will can never actually “expire,” and there is no restriction that limits the time during which a will is still valid. The only way a last will and testament becomes invalidated is when the testator revokes all previous wills, in their current will. There are also additional restrictions on the time during which the executor of the will can initiate probate. Even though your will may still be valid, it is important to remember that your will may no longer be suitable for your needs. Your circumstances may have changed significantly since you prepared the will. For example, you may have since got married, or divorced, one of your beneficiaries may have passed away or you may have acquired substantial assets not covered by your will.

How much does EduCare™ cost?

With EduCare™, from as little as R115pm, you can get up to R3 million worth of cover to look after your child when you are no longer around or become impaired or severely ill. The monthly premiums are subject to certain factors, such as the age of the child, the amount of cover you require for your specific needs, as well as certain parameters which are addressed during the underwriting process. These funds will be dedicated to the education and care needs of your child or grandchildren, and leave you with peace of mind, knowing that you have invested in the education and future of your children.

Is it compulsory for Muslims to draw up a will?

Yes, it is compulsory. Islamic law is currently not recognised in South Africa and if there is no Islamic will, or any will for that matter, the Intestate Succession Act would govern the administration of the estate. The Prophet Mohammed, may peace be upon him, stated that it is unlawful for a Muslim to let three nights go by without drafting a will. This underscores the importance of a will in the Islamic faith. If you live in a country that does not recognise Islamic inheritance law, then the aforementioned hadith would be even more relevant to you.

What are the benefits of education insurance?

There is money securely ring-fenced to take care of your children's educational needs if you pass away, become severely ill or impaired. EduCare™ is dedicated cover to ensure their continued education and care, should something happen to you.EduCare™ helps cover school fees, personal care needs, stationery, sporting equipment, food, transport and tertiary education. Over and above the core cover, EduCare™ also includes the following additional benefits:●        The LifeStarter Benefit™ pays out as a cash lump sum when your child turns 18, on the 1st day of their birthday month. This amount is selected by you in the initial calculation.●        The Global Bursary Benefit™ pays up to R5 million in university fees if one or all of your children get accepted into one of the 50 Oxford Global top universities.●        The Achiever Benefit™ pays out a once-off cash lump sum of R150 000, per child, if they qualify for National Colours. ●        Medical studies benefit – if any of your children covered choose to study to be a Medical Doctor, up to R100 000 will be paid to the institution per annum, for 3 years, after successfully completing their 4th year of their Bachelor of Medicine degree.●        Estate duty benefit – any estate duty created by taking out EduCare™ will be covered up to R1 million.

What are the benefits of a trust?

Trusts are a powerful and versatile way to safeguard your assets and ensure the seamless distribution of wealth according to your wishes. There are different types of trust options available, each with its own benefits. From living trusts that offer the opportunity for asset management during your lifetime to testamentary trusts that come into effect upon your passing, understanding the different types of trusts is essential to optimising your estate planning and providing for your loved ones.Asset protection and managementProtecting and managing your assets through trusts offers significant benefits if you want to secure your wealth and minimise estate tax liabilities. One major benefit is that you can keep the value of your assets in your personal estate steady while still letting them grow.Tax planning and reductionTrusts provide opportunities for estate duty reduction. In South Africa, assets held in a trust are not considered part of the deceased individual’s estate, potentially reducing the estate duty liability. Through careful estate planning, individuals can ensure that their assets are transferred to beneficiaries while minimising tax implications. Certain types of trusts qualify for specific tax benefits, deductions, or exemptions.For example, one of the advantages of a testamentary trusts is that it can be structured to optimise tax planning. These trusts have their own tax rates, which can be advantageous for income distribution among beneficiaries.Protecting beneficiaries with special needsTrusts play a crucial role in protecting beneficiaries with special needs. If you have a child or dependant who is unable to manage their financial affairs due to a disability, you can establish a Special Trust Type A. This type of trust is designed for parents who want to ensure the care and financial well-being of their special needs child upon the parent’s passing.Note that a Special Trust Type A should be registered exclusively for the welfare of a beneficiary who has a permanent mental or physical disability.One way to protect the inheritance of a dependant with special needs is with a provider’s trust. This trust holds all the assets in your estate and allocates them to care for your special needs dependant. Appointing professional trustees or trusted individuals ensures proper management and adherence to your wishes.When establishing a special trust, it is essential to consider the fees associated with trusteeship. Some institutions charge upfront fees, but Capital Legacy, for example, offers a more affordable option with an annual fee of 0.75% on the capital.Control over inheritance distributionBy having a valid will in place, individuals can designate specific beneficiaries, determine the assets they will receive, and impose conditions or requirements for inheritance. However, trusts offer even greater control and flexibility, where individuals can dictate when and how assets should be distributed to beneficiaries. Trustees can be appointed to manage and distribute assets according to the testator’s instructions, ensuring that the distribution aligns with their intentions.Contact Capital Legacy today to receive expert advice on the all the advantages a trust, and which type would best suit your needs.

How do I settle an estate after someone dies?

The estate administration process is often known as “Winding up of an estate”. An executor, as appointed by the Master of the High Court finalises an estate after someone passes away. If you have been nominated as the executor in someone’s will but lack the expertise to finalise the estate the Master of the High Court may instruct you to solicit the services of a company or professional who can assist. Some of the options are then for you to either renounce your role as executor or remain as the executor and nominate a company or professional to act under Power of Attorney on your behalf. It is, therefore, recommended that you nominate a professional in your will to act as executor.

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The painful process of winding up my late dad’s estate has been made efficient and pleasant. I recommend Capital Legacy based on their representation, vast competencies, follow-through abilities and general customer service. The staff members are empathetic and efficient, taking a personal interest in the client.
One of the customer care agents contacted me to remedy a frustration that I had been experiencing. Not only was he professional and prompt, but he was so charming and friendly that I ended the call laughing and having a better day. Thanks!
Thank you so much for your excellent service. I truly appreciate your assistance. It’s such a pleasure to receive good service, especially this time of the year.It was a blessing to have someone calling me and extending a friendly, patient and helping hand.

May you be blessed for your kind demeanor.
I was assisted by a customer care agent at Capital Legacy. He was extremely helpful and super friendly. The best service I’ve received in years. He was understanding and helped me with my problem, which put a smile on my face.

Extremely professional! Thank you for being amazing.
Our consultation took place at the office in JHB. We were warmly welcomed at reception and offered refreshments, and then ushered to the boardroom. We were assisted by Capital Legacy staff. Their service was excellent. Well done!
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