It’s not an easy conversation, but death happens to us all.

Life is busy but your will is one of the most important documents you'll ever draft and all we need is an hour of your time.

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Your will is important, so is planning for the costs of dying. Here's why:

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Meet Mark.

Mark is one of only 30% of South Africans who got his will in place in order to protect his family if he’s no longer around.


Mark never thought about the fees his executor & trustees will charge, leaving his estate and beneficiaries with much less than he hoped for.

The Solution!

For as little as R 135 per month, our Legacy Protection Plan™ solves this and many other problems, should you pass away.

Don't be like Mark and leave problems when you want to leave a legacy!

Why do your will with Capital Legacy?

Because whichever way you look at it, we have the solution all under one roof

The Will

The Will

With access to a specialist consultant, free collection and safe-keeping, and unlimited amendments at no cost, our services provide an easy and stress-free way to secure your will.

Your Beneficiaries

Your Beneficiaries

Our services offer the option to create a trust for your loved ones, especially those with disabilities, and provide a personal estate consultant to guide you through the process.

Your Estate

Your Estate

Our services provide the flexibility of choosing any executor, the assurance of established in-house professionals administering the process, and the option of covering costs up to 100% upfront.

Your Trusts

Your Trusts

We will take care of all the trusts required by your will to ensure your beneficiaries are protected and get the most of their inheritance.

Did you know…

Capital Legacy was the first to bring out an insurance policy integrated with your will that pays for the fees and costs when you pass away. It's called the Legacy Protection Plan™ and has revolutionised the industry, helping more than 300 000 South Africans since we launched in 2012.

Insurance policy integrated with your will for your beneficiaries
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Calculate your cost of dying

No hidden agendas with us... There are costs but NOT for the will itself, rather the executor & trustee fees should you choose to appoint us. We have a solution for these fees but first, let's quickly help you estimate these.

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Provide funding for your family to cover your estate legal costs

Why do I need the Legacy Protection Plan™?

This policy is the most cost effective way to provide funding to cover your estate legal costs. It can also prevent massive delays in administering your estate, saving your family trauma and at worst financial ruin.

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Affordable premiums for any age, with BIG benefits

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Has no cease-age and covers you for your entire life

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Includes cash benefits to plug gaps that your other policies cannot

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For as little as R 97.40 pm

Integrated benefits

With the Legacy Protection Plan™

Immediate Liquidity™

Estate Overheads Protector™

Estate Gap Cover™

Immediate Liquidity™

When you pass away, your family could have limited access to money. Ensure there is money available to cater for things such as funeral expenses, travel arrangements, groceries and other immediate expenses. This benefit pays within 48 hours giving rapid relief to your loved ones.

Estate Overheads Protector™

Estates take time to wrap up and there are costs that can become an additional burden to your family. This benefit is available in cash to the executor of the Estate, to help them pay for the costs relating to the Estate, such as Master's fees, correspondence fees, property clearance and advertising costs.

Estate Gap Cover™

If both you and your spouse should pass away, it can be a financial shock to your beneficiaries. It’s often too expensive to cover the costs associated with both spouses passing away simultaneously. Through this benefit, you can provide for inheritance taxes and other additional legal costs as well as the loss of monthly income.

Frequently asked questions

Can an executor of a will be a beneficiary?

When drafting your will, there are certain key individuals who need to be listed. Among these are the executor and your beneficiaries. But can an executor of a will be a beneficiary?Legally, yes, but there’s a lot more to it.Should an executor of a will be a beneficiary, this individual will have a dual role – they will be entitled to receive their inheritance as outlined in the will, while also being responsible for administering the estate.This can seem like a practical (and feasible) option, especially if the deceased had a close relationship with the chosen executor. It does, however, raise questions about transparency, impartiality, and potential conflicts of interest.Acting as executor involves a range of responsibilities.To officially become the executor, the individual must apply to the Master of the High Court. This involves submitting a copy of the will, the deceased’s death certificate, and a formal application to receive a letter of executorship.The executor is required to create a comprehensive inventory of the deceased’s assets and liabilities and submit it to the Master of the High Court.They must ensure all debts of the deceased are settled and distribute the assets to the beneficiaries as outlined in the will. Only after this has been done, can they apply to the Master of the High Court to officially close the estate.Before agreeing to act as executor, it is highly advisable to reach out to a legal professional who can provide guidance.Let’s also look at the difference between a beneficiary and an executor. A beneficiary is an individual or entity named in the will to receive specific assets from the deceased estate, while an executor is a person or institution appointed to administer the estate.Besides the difference between a beneficiary and an executor, several other factors should also be taken into account:Age and health: Professionals often have continuity plans in place. For relatives or friends, you’ll need to designate an alternative executor in case the primary choice cannot fulfil their duties.Co-executor/agent: Nominating a beneficiary who doesn’t have the necessary qualifications to act as executor means a professional co-executor will have to be appointed. The Master of the High Court will ordinarily require that when someone without the necessary qualification is nominated, he/she must be assisted by a professional.Emotional resilience: Being named the executor of a family member or friend’s estate can be overwhelming at a time when a person is grieving.So, can an executor of a will be a beneficiary? The answer is simple: Appointing an executor who can navigate the legal and financial complexities of estate administration while remaining transparent is key.This is where Capital Legacy comes in. There’s a reason why we’re South Africa’s #1 wills and estates specialists – we offer a full suite of will and estate administration services, all under one roof.For more information or to arrange your complimentary will consultation, speak to your financial advisor or contact Capital Legacy.

What is the main difference between an Islamic will and a conventional will?

In a Shari’ah-compliant or Islamic will, the Beneficiaries are determined on the death of the testator rather than being nominated, as in a conventional will, during the lifetime of the testator.

What happens to my house if I die without a will?

Regardless of whether you have a will or not, your estate will still need to be administered upon your passing away and therefore will be in the control of an executor. However, when you pass away without having drawn up a valid will, your assets will be distributed to your heirs based on the Intestate Succession Act no 81 of 1987. Therefore, if your house is portioned into a few inheritances then the executor of your estate has the authority to sell it and distribute the proceeds to the various heirs or he/she may sell it in order to cover the taxes and fees due, should there be little liquidity in your estate. However, your descendants may decide amongst themselves how to distribute their joint inheritance. If they decide to co-own the house, the house will be transferred into all their names.

What happens if a person dies without a will in South Africa?

Estate planning is a crucial part of your financial journey, and at the heart of this lies the last will and testament. But what happens if a person dies without a will in South Africa? Without a will – or even with an invalid or outdated will – the law of intestate succession will apply, according to the Intestate Succession Act 81 of 1987. This means your estate will be divided according to a set formula and based on which relatives are alive at the time of your passing. If you die without a will and have no one to inherit in terms of the Act, the money in the deceased estate will be placed in the Government Guardians’ Fund. If no heirs come forward to claim the money within 30 years, the funds will be forfeited to the state.Additionally, with no will, there would have been no appointment of an executor. The intestate heirs may nominate a person to be appointed as the executor, however, the final decision still lies with the Master of the High Court.And what about your children? One of the major consequences of dying without a will concerns guardianship. Your wishes might not be considered and the children might be placed in the care of someone you didn’t intend them to be placed with.Even the children’s inheritance will be at risk. You might have wanted to place the children’s inheritances into a trust, for example, to only be paid out when they reach the age of 25 years. However, without a will the inheritance will be paid out to the Government Guardian’s Fund and could take years to eventually pay out to the children.Other than weaving a web of inheritance pitfalls, there are many more consequences of dying without a will. The importance of having a valid and updated will cannot be overestimated. Here’s why: Avoid family disputes: A well-drafted will can prevent family infighting and ensure that each beneficiary knows precisely what they will inherit. Efficient estate administration: Nominating an executor in your will streamlines the estate administration process and ensures that someone you trust manages your affairs upon your passing. To further highlight the importance of having a will, consider the peace of mind you will have and how it will serve as a vital legacy for your loved ones, sparing them unnecessary worry and financial hardships in the future.At Capital Legacy, we offer complimentary will-drafting consultations to help you create a comprehensive will tailored to your unique circumstances. Speak to your financial advisor or contact us to secure your legacy.

What happens to my estate when I die?

What you have stated in your will is what is actioned after your death. If you do not have a valid will your estate will be distributed in accordance with the Intestate Succession Act which will not reflect your wishes and might not be in the best interest of your heirs.

What is freedom of testation?

Freedom of testation is a law that allows a testator (or testatrix) to bequeath assets in a will as they please. South Africa observes freedom of testation, so a person can leave his or her assets to whoever they like.

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