It’s not an easy conversation, but death happens to us all.

Life is busy but your will is one of the most important documents you'll ever draft and all we need is an hour of your time.

Family of 2 kids, husband and wife. Draft your will today.
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Your will is important, so is planning for the costs of dying. Here's why:

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Meet Mark.

Mark is one of only 30% of South Africans who got his will in place in order to protect his family if he’s no longer around.


Mark never thought about the fees his executor & trustees will charge, leaving his estate and beneficiaries with much less than he hoped for.

The Solution!

For as little as R 135 per month, our Legacy Protection Plan™ solves this and many other problems, should you pass away.

Don't be like Mark and leave problems when you want to leave a legacy!

Why do your will with Capital Legacy?

Because whichever way you look at it, we have the solution all under one roof

The Will

The Will

With access to a specialist consultant, free collection and safe-keeping, and unlimited amendments at no cost, our services provide an easy and stress-free way to secure your will.

Your Beneficiaries

Your Beneficiaries

Our services offer the option to create a trust for your loved ones, especially those with disabilities, and provide a personal estate consultant to guide you through the process.

Your Estate

Your Estate

Our services provide the flexibility of choosing any executor, the assurance of established in-house professionals administering the process, and the option of covering costs up to 100% upfront.

Your Trusts

Your Trusts

We will take care of all the trusts required by your will to ensure your beneficiaries are protected and get the most of their inheritance.

Did you know…

Capital Legacy was the first to bring out an insurance policy integrated with your will that pays for the fees and costs when you pass away. It's called the Legacy Protection Plan™ and has revolutionised the industry, helping more than 300 000 South Africans since we launched in 2012.

Insurance policy integrated with your will for your beneficiaries
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Calculate your cost of dying

No hidden agendas with us... There are costs but NOT for the will itself, rather the executor & trustee fees should you choose to appoint us. We have a solution for these fees but first, let's quickly help you estimate these.

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Provide funding for your family to cover your estate legal costs

Why do I need the Legacy Protection Plan™?

This policy is the most cost effective way to provide funding to cover your estate legal costs. It can also prevent massive delays in administering your estate, saving your family trauma and at worst financial ruin.

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Affordable premiums for any age, with BIG benefits

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Has no cease-age and covers you for your entire life

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Includes cash benefits to plug gaps that your other policies cannot

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For as little as R 105.87 pm

Integrated benefits

With the Legacy Protection Plan™

Immediate Liquidity™

Estate Overheads Protector™

Estate Gap Cover™

Immediate Liquidity™

When you pass away, your family could have limited access to money. Ensure there is money available to cater for things such as funeral expenses, travel arrangements, groceries and other immediate expenses. This benefit pays within 48 hours giving rapid relief to your loved ones.

Estate Overheads Protector™

Estates take time to wrap up and there are costs that can become an additional burden to your family. This benefit is available in cash to the executor of the Estate, to help them pay for the costs relating to the Estate, such as Master's fees, correspondence fees, property clearance and advertising costs.

Estate Gap Cover™

If both you and your spouse should pass away, it can be a financial shock to your beneficiaries. It’s often too expensive to cover the costs associated with both spouses passing away simultaneously. Through this benefit, you can provide for inheritance taxes and other additional legal costs as well as the loss of monthly income.

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to finalise a deceased estate?

This is difficult to specify as every estate differs depending on the challenges unique to the estate. At Capital Legacy, our business rule is to try and finalise an Estate within nine (9) months. Although we do achieve this, we need to regulate expectations and state that estates with many challenges may take longer to finalise. In some instances, an estate cannot be reported to the Master of the High Court due to factors such as missing/unsigned documents and cause of death. If this is the case, the Master of the High Court will not issue a Letter of Executorship (LoE) or Letter of Authority (LoA). The estate cannot be administered until an LoE/LoA is issued.

Do executors have to follow a will?

Yes, a valid will is a legally binding document. The duties of the executor therefore include the administration of the estate as stipulated in and in accordance with the will.

What happens if I do not have an Islamic will?

If you do not have an Islamic will, Islamic law will not be applied when your estate is administered, and your Islamic heirs will potentially be at a disadvantage in terms of the inheritance they ought to have received. The laws of South Africa that govern the distribution process are not in line with Islamic law.

At what age should you / may you write a will?

You may draft a will at the age of 16.

How do you end a will and testament?

Do I need a lawyer to make a last will and testament?

Your last will and testament is one of the most important documents you will ever sign. It is also a process that involves a range of considerations. While you don’t, by law, need a lawyer to make a will, getting expert guidance can ensure that your final wishes are carried out effectively.There are several professionals who can help draft your will, such as banks, accountants, organisations that specialise in wills. Can you draft your will yourself? Yes, you can, granted that it meets all the legal requirements for a valid will. DIY wills are even available at stationery shops.  There are significant benefits to having a professional help you draft your will. Such as Capital Legacy, SA’s #1 wills and estates specialists.Other than the “who”, it’s even more important to focus on the “what” to meet the legal requirements for valid wills. Here, you’ll need an expert to make your will to ensure you check all the boxes.Anyone aged 16 years or older, who is mentally competent, can draft a will.A will must be in writing – either by hand or typed – and the signature of the testator/testatrix must appear on every page. These signatures must be made in the presence of two or more competent witnesses.Witnesses must be aged 14 years or older and may not be listed as one of the beneficiaries. They must sign the will in the presence of the testator/testatrix and of each other. Witnesses only need to sign the last page of the will.Your original signed will must be held in safekeeping, as a copy of a will is not deemed a valid will. With estate planning considerations, the guidance of a professional also offers peace of mind. When you start your estate planning journey, you will ensure your assets are distributed the way you want and that your loved ones are provided for when you pass away.But what exactly does “estate planning considerations” mean? It means making a plan for everything you own, and everything you owe. It also means making sure there’s enough money to pay off debts, estate taxes and other costs that arise upon your passing.Drafting your will is directly linked with your estate planning considerations, but that’s not all it entails. Things such as your marriage contract/s, capital gains tax and any other income taxes must be considered. We understand that this can all seem a bit overwhelming. That’s why we’re here to make this process as simple as possible. At Capital Legacy, we offer a full suite of will and estate administration services, all under one roof.For more information or to arrange your complimentary will consultation, speak to your financial advisor or contact Capital Legacy.

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The painful process of winding up my late dad’s estate has been made efficient and pleasant. I recommend Capital Legacy based on their representation, vast competencies, follow-through abilities and general customer service. The staff members are empathetic and efficient, taking a personal interest in the client.
One of the customer care agents contacted me to remedy a frustration that I had been experiencing. Not only was he professional and prompt, but he was so charming and friendly that I ended the call laughing and having a better day. Thanks!
Thank you so much for your excellent service. I truly appreciate your assistance. It’s such a pleasure to receive good service, especially this time of the year.It was a blessing to have someone calling me and extending a friendly, patient and helping hand.

May you be blessed for your kind demeanor.
I was assisted by a customer care agent at Capital Legacy. He was extremely helpful and super friendly. The best service I’ve received in years. He was understanding and helped me with my problem, which put a smile on my face.

Extremely professional! Thank you for being amazing.
Our consultation took place at the office in JHB. We were warmly welcomed at reception and offered refreshments, and then ushered to the boardroom. We were assisted by Capital Legacy staff. Their service was excellent. Well done!
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