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Capital Legacy is an Authorised Financial Services Provider and is committed to complying with the Protection of Personal Information Act, 2013 (‘‘the Act”) . The Act requires us to conduct ourselves in a responsible and lawful manner when collecting, processing, and storing (“processing”) your personal information, imposing obligations on us, as the responsible party, to protect your personal information.

1. We will only process personal information in a lawful and in a reasonable manner, that does not infringe on your rights. We will at all times abide by your constitutional right to privacy and the protection of your personal information and take steps to ensure that your personal information collected is accurate.

2. We will only process personal information, given the purpose for which it is processed, that is adequate, relevant, and not excessive. We process your personal information pertaining to your needs for Estate planning purposes. Full details of the manner in which we process personal information is more fully outlined in our Privacy Notice on our website .

3. Capital Legacy may disclose your personal information to subsidiaries, joint venture companies and/or an approved product or third party product supplier whose services are utilised for the provision of certain products and/or services. Capital Legacy may also disclose information where it has a duty or right in terms of legislation, or deemed necessary to protect the rights of Capital Legacy.

By completing our contact form, you confirm that you are aware and agree that we will be communicating with you by phone, email, WhatsApp, or electronically to offer and provide our products and services in respect of Wills and Estate Planning needs.

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