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Our life cover puts your beneficiaries first
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Meet Mandy.

Mandy's mother always made sure her children were provided for, and knew the risks early enough to take out a sturdy life policy.


Mandy lost her mother at 16 - fortunately with the proceeds from her mom's life insurance, she and her sisters were able to settle debts and continue to live their life.

And now...

Mandy is always told she is just like her mom, and just like her mom she took out a MyCover™ life policy with us for less than R 400 per month to make sure her family is protected like she was.

Why do your life cover with Capital Legacy?

Because our life insurance
puts your beneficiaries first

The Cover

The Cover

It's smart to opt for a comprehensive cover that includes illness and impairment, creates a trust for your children, and lasts your whole life without any executor or trustee fees.

The Premiums

The Premiums

Our insurance plans offer fair pricing with sustainable premium increases below the industry average and flexible options for premium payment.

The Process

The Process

With the convenience of choosing to work with us directly or through your advisor, no need for medical testing in most cases, and the added benefit of getting your will done quickly and easily, our services provide a hassle-free solution.

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Over 9 000 financial advisors
already choose us to help their clients

Did you know…

Capital Legacy was the first to bring a life cover that automatically creates a trust for your children with no costs attached for it.

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Our quality life insurance ensures that neither you or your beneficiaries are left short-changed.
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Use life cover the way you want

While we can’t promise that you’ll live forever...

Our flexible life cover keeps you ahead of the game - and with more benefits: comparably better rates, a plan that can seamlessly integrate with your will and estate, a hassle-free solution that ensures that your life cover is used the way you intended, and much more.

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Up to R 15 000 000 life cover

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Easy application process

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Impairment and critical illness cover

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You can lean on one of our friendly life cover specialists to get the right deal, quickly & easily

MyCover™ options

Choose an option that suits you and your pocket

With Protected Cover

With More Benefit

With Less Premium

With Cash Back

With Protected Cover

A non-accelerated option which means, if you had to claim on your disability cover, the benefit for your life cover will not be affected.

With More Benefit

Increase your life cover amount at cost price.

With Less Premium

Get a significant monthly premium discount

With Cash Back

Receive up to 12 months’ premiums back in cash, every 5 years.

Frequently asked questions

Can I get MyCover™ without a Legacy Protection Plan™?

No, you cannot get MyCover™ as a standalone life cover product. MyCover™ is offered as an extender benefit of the Legacy Protection Plan™ as we harness our unique approach of indemnification of fees and integration of benefits.

Is it compulsory for Muslims to draw up a will?

Yes, it is compulsory. Islamic law is currently not recognised in South Africa and if there is no Islamic will, or any will for that matter, the Intestate Succession Act would govern the administration of the estate. The Prophet Mohammed, may peace be upon him, stated that it is unlawful for a Muslim to let three nights go by without drafting a will. This underscores the importance of a will in the Islamic faith. If you live in a country that does not recognise Islamic inheritance law, then the aforementioned hadith would be even more relevant to you.

Can a non-Muslim relative inherit? For example, a non-Muslim wife?

No, but they can be allocated a bequest in an Islamic will, provided that the sum of all bequests does not exceed one-third of the estate. Alternatively, they can be nominated as beneficiaries of the MyCover™ extender on the Tazkiya™ Family Takaful.

How much life cover can I get with MyCover™?

You can secure up to R10 million life cover with non-invasive underwriting and up to R15 million for which we require blood tests, several BeneFactor™ options that suit your lifestyle (see FAQ on BeneFactor™ for more detail), cover for severe illness and impairment up to R5 million through MyAbility Cover™, and you have the option of selecting whether you would like the life cover to pay directly to a beneficiary, to a trust or your estate for which the executor’s fees are indemnified.

What is BeneFactor™?

BeneFactor™ is the built-in feature of MyCover™ that gives you three different ways to structure your life cover benefit. You can choose the option that best suits you and you can change whenever you want.MORE BENEFIT - Secure more life cover at lower rates. This means, based on your unique risk profile, we can secure additional cover for you (over and above the requested amount) at a cheaper rate which results in you benefitting from increased life insurance cover at substantially reduced rates.LESS PREMIUM – Reduce your monthly premiums without sacrificing cover. If cash flow is tight, you can select the LESS PREMIUM option which reduces your monthly premium but does not reduce your requested cover amount.CASH BACK – Receive up to 12 months premiums cash back every five years. Benefit not only from our reduced rates every month, but we’ll also pay you back a cash lump sum every five years equal to roughly 12 months’ worth of premiums.

Who must be covered in a last will and testament?

The importance of having a valid will in place cannot be overstated. A carefully crafted will allows you to secure your family’s future, protect your assets and wishes, and plan for the unexpected. However, understanding who must be covered in a will involves careful consideration of legal requirements and familial relationships.When drafting your will, it’s essential to be specific about who you want to bequeath your assets to. Failing to be specific can lead to confusion and legal battles.For example, if you simply state that you want your assets to be distributed among your children, this could cause problems if you have stepchildren. Similarly, if you have specific wishes for how your assets should be distributed, such as a charity you want to support, you need to be clear about this in your will.So, who exactly must be covered in a will?Immediate family membersIt is important to secure your family’s future when setting up your will. The primary beneficiaries, therefore, are typically immediate family members, including spouses, kids, and parents. Specifying the spouse’s share in the will can prevent future disputes. Kids are crucial beneficiaries who must be covered in a will. It’s important to note that you may not disinherit minor kids. Their well-being is always put first as far as last wills and testaments are concerned. Parents may also be included if they are financially dependent on you.Extended family membersExtended family members, such as siblings, grandparents and cousins, can be included in a will if you wish to allocate assets to them. It is essential to explicitly state their inclusion and the detailed distribution to protect your assets and to avoid infighting among relatives.Guardianship of minor childrenOne of the most important people who must be covered in a will is the guardian of minor kids. This nomination ensures that your wishes regarding the care and upbringing of your kids are honoured upon your passing. If you have minors, you will need to carefully consider who will be responsible for caring for them and their assets if you pass away.Charitable organisationsLeaving a portion of your estate to charitable organisations or causes can be a fulfilling way to leave a positive impact beyond your lifetime. Many people choose to support charities or community initiatives through their wills, aligning their legacy with their humanitarian ideals.Executor and trusteesOne crucial aspect of setting up a will is appointing an executor and trustees to protect your assets and carry out your wishes efficiently. The executor oversees the administration of the estate, while trustees may be assigned to manage trusts created for beneficiaries.Alternate beneficiariesTo plan for the unexpected, it’s vital to name alternate beneficiaries in your will. If a primary beneficiary predeceases the testator or is unable to inherit, the alternate beneficiary will assume that role.Knowing who must be covered in a will involves carefully considering all aspects of your life and relationships. As the wills people, it makes sense for Capital Legacy to draft your last will and testament and be your executor.For more information or to arrange your complimentary will consultation, speak to your financial advisor or contact Capital Legacy.

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The painful process of winding up my late dad’s estate has been made efficient and pleasant. I recommend Capital Legacy based on their representation, vast competencies, follow-through abilities and general customer service. The staff members are empathetic and efficient, taking a personal interest in the client.
One of the customer care agents contacted me to remedy a frustration that I had been experiencing. Not only was he professional and prompt, but he was so charming and friendly that I ended the call laughing and having a better day. Thanks!
Thank you so much for your excellent service. I truly appreciate your assistance. It’s such a pleasure to receive good service, especially this time of the year.It was a blessing to have someone calling me and extending a friendly, patient and helping hand.

May you be blessed for your kind demeanor.
I was assisted by a customer care agent at Capital Legacy. He was extremely helpful and super friendly. The best service I’ve received in years. He was understanding and helped me with my problem, which put a smile on my face.

Extremely professional! Thank you for being amazing.
Our consultation took place at the office in JHB. We were warmly welcomed at reception and offered refreshments, and then ushered to the boardroom. We were assisted by Capital Legacy staff. Their service was excellent. Well done!
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