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It need not be daunting… You can get sufficient quality life cover with us. It's transparent and easily-tailored to suit your needs - and pocket!

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Our life cover puts your beneficiaries first
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Life cover is important,
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Meet Mandy.

Mandy's mother always made sure her children were provided for, and knew the risks early enough to take out a sturdy life policy.


Mandy lost her mother at 16 - fortunately with the proceeds from her mom's life insurance, she and her sisters were able to settle debts and continue to live their life.

And now...

Mandy is always told she is just like her mom, and just like her mom she took out a MyCover™ life policy with us for less than R 400 per month to make sure her family is protected like she was.

Why do your life cover with Capital Legacy?

Because our life insurance
puts your beneficiaries first

The Cover

The Cover

It's smart to opt for a comprehensive cover that includes illness and impairment, creates a trust for your children, and lasts your whole life without any executor or trustee fees.

The Premiums

The Premiums

Our insurance plans offer fair pricing with sustainable premium increases below the industry average and flexible options for premium payment.

The Process

The Process

With the convenience of choosing to work with us directly or through your advisor, no need for medical testing in most cases, and the added benefit of getting your will done quickly and easily, our services provide a hassle-free solution.

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Over 9 000 financial advisors
already choose us to help their clients

Did you know…

Capital Legacy was the first to bring a life cover that automatically creates a trust for your children with no costs attached for it.

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Our quality life insurance ensures that neither you or your beneficiaries are left short-changed.
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Use life cover the way you want

While we can’t promise that you’ll live forever...

Our flexible life cover keeps you ahead of the game - and with more benefits: comparably better rates, a plan that can seamlessly integrate with your will and estate, a hassle-free solution that ensures that your life cover is used the way you intended, and much more.

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Up to R 15 000 000 life cover

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Easy application process

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Impairment and critical illness cover

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You can lean on one of our friendly life cover specialists to get the right deal, quickly & easily

MyCover™ options

Choose an option that suits you and your pocket

With Protected Cover

With More Benefit

With Less Premium

With Cash Back

With Protected Cover

A non-accelerated option which means, if you had to claim on your disability cover, the benefit for your life cover will not be affected.

With More Benefit

Increase your life cover amount at cost price.

With Less Premium

Get a significant monthly premium discount

With Cash Back

Receive up to 12 months’ premiums back in cash, every 5 years.

Frequently asked questions

Can minor children be beneficiaries of life cover?

Technically, yes. However, this is not best practice, as your minor children’s finances still fall under the curatorship of their guardian. If you have minor children you should consider the use of a testamentary trust as a vehicle to protect their inheritance.

Who can be a beneficiary of my life cover ?

Because MyLegacy Cover™ is an extender benefit of the Legacy Protection Plan™, you can nominate either an individual, a trust or your estate as the Beneficiary without incurring any executor’s fees.

Do my monthly premiums increase annually?

MyCover™ premiums increase by the higher of 4% or CPI plus an age factor.

Can I bequeath to an Islamic heir?

No, bequests are only for non-heirs. If a bequest is made in favour of an heir, this would provide an unfair advantage to one heir over another. The other heirs have the right to block all or part of a bequest made to an heir. However, heirs can be nominated as the beneficiaries of the MyCover™ extender on the Tazkiya™ Family Takaful. It would be better to give a gift while you are alive, but be mindful that this can still create an unfair disadvantage.    

What is the maximum entry age for MyCover™?

Our maximum entry age for MyCover™ is 59 years old.

Why do you need life cover and EduCare™ (education cover)?

Life cover is life insurance or death cover which provides a cash lump sum in the event of your death, or if you become severely ill or impaired (you can include critical illness cover as part of your life insurance or take it out as a separate policy).A monthly premium to your insurer for life cover assists in safeguarding your loved ones from financial hardship if you die or suffer from one of a list of illnesses, as per your plan. The money can be put towards funeral costs, payment of a mortgage, debts, or your family’s living expenses.Though the aim may be to ensure that there is enough funding for your family when you are no longer around, we find that this amount often isn’t sufficient to cover children’s education. This is why we created the education protection plan, EduCare™, an estate planning product that provides dedicated cover for your children’s education and care needs should you become impaired, severely ill or pass away. EduCare™ helps cover school fees, personal care needs, school clothes, stationery, sporting equipment, food, transport and tertiary education.Both life cover and education protection cover are important and serve different functions. While life cover is essential to protect your family, it easily gets wrapped up in other things like bond payments, cars and other debts and expenses when you pass away.With EduCare™ there is money securely ring-fenced to take care of your children's educational and care needs if you pass away, become severely ill or impaired.

Not to brag, but we're kinda good at what we do.

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The painful process of winding up my late dad’s estate has been made efficient and pleasant. I recommend Capital Legacy based on their representation, vast competencies, follow-through abilities and general customer service. The staff members are empathetic and efficient, taking a personal interest in the client.
One of the customer care agents contacted me to remedy a frustration that I had been experiencing. Not only was he professional and prompt, but he was so charming and friendly that I ended the call laughing and having a better day. Thanks!
Thank you so much for your excellent service. I truly appreciate your assistance. It’s such a pleasure to receive good service, especially this time of the year.It was a blessing to have someone calling me and extending a friendly, patient and helping hand.

May you be blessed for your kind demeanor.
I was assisted by a customer care agent at Capital Legacy. He was extremely helpful and super friendly. The best service I’ve received in years. He was understanding and helped me with my problem, which put a smile on my face.

Extremely professional! Thank you for being amazing.
Our consultation took place at the office in JHB. We were warmly welcomed at reception and offered refreshments, and then ushered to the boardroom. We were assisted by Capital Legacy staff. Their service was excellent. Well done!
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