Where there’s no will, there’s drama, chaos…and greedy family members.

We all know the old saying, “Where there’s a will, I want to be in it”. Well, this couldn’t be closer to the truth, especially when it comes to family.

Where there’s no will, there’s drama, chaos…and greedy family members.

As South Africa’s leading provider of wills, we have helped over 600,000 South Africans draft their wills and have helped thousands of grieving families wind up the estates of a passed loved one. We have seen the best and worst of people in getting their hands on what they believe they should have inherited.

Grandpa’s tool collection. Granny’s jewellery and crystalware. Uncle Joe’s bakkie. Aunty Esme’s furniture. We’ve all heard the stories or even witnessed greedy family members lobbying for stuff – often even before the beloved family member has passed. I kid you not.

The sad reality is that at some point in our lives, what we leave behind becomes increasingly more important to certain members of our family. And without a last will and testament in place, you leave the door wide open for arguments and chaos as your family might fight over what they thought was theirs.

Our first award-winning TV advert released earlier this year got the will conversation going. The ad depicts a scenario where a family finds out the protagonist didn’t have a will in place and dramatises the family feud that ensues. 

So, off the back of our first advert, we teamed up again with Halo, one of SA’s brightest boutique agencies, who, together with esteemed local director, Dean Blumberg from Massif Media, helped us produce what we think is an ad that will not only entertain you but make you think long and hard about making sure your will is in place – and that the people you want to inherit your assets are in it…and not greedy extended family members.

Look out for our ad on most popular TV channels or click here to see how ‘Bill Esterdown’ has his final say, despite his family’s audacious efforts to lay claim to his prized possessions. Click here to view the extended version of the ad our YouTube channel.

Ultimately, our mission is to help more South Africans get their wills in order and to ensure there is less drama and chaos for your family when they are grieving your loss.

At Capital Legacy, we’ve made September ‘Wills Month’ off the back or National Wills Week, to further drive the importance of wills. If you have a financial advisor, ask them about getting your Capital Legacy will sorted, or visit our website to request your complimentary will consultation today: www.capitallegacy.co.za. September is the perfect month to get your affairs in order!

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