How do I register a deceased estate?


When an individual passes away, you need to notify the Master of the High Court in the deceased’s jurisdiction of domicile within 14 days after the notice of death. To then proceed to opening an Estate Late bank account, requires a Letter of Executorship (LoE) or Letter of Authority (LoA) as issued by the relevant Master of the High Court. A LoE needs to be issued for Estates with a gross value over R250 000 and an LoA needs to be issued for an Estate with a gross value of less than R250 000.

Documents required for the Letter of Executorship / Authority by the Master of the High Court include (as relevant):

  • Death Notice

  • Certified copy of the Death Certificate

  • Certified copy of the deceased’s ID

  • Certified copy of the surviving spouse

  • Original Last Will and Testament (if the deceased person has a Will)

  • Undertaking and Acceptance of Master’s Directions – in duplicate

  • Certified copy of the Executor

  • Nomination of Executor and ID of person nominating the Executor (if relevant)

  • Inventory of Assets and Liabilities

  • Declaration that the Estate has not been reported to date

  • Declaration of marriage (if relevant)

  • Certified copy of marriage certificate / divorce order / predeceased spouse’s death certificate (if and as relevant)

  • Acceptance of Trust document

  • Confirmation of assistance by …

  • Nomination of representative

  • Affidavit by next of kin

  • Police report (if the person died due to unnatural causes)