Frequently asked questions


Can I bequeath to an Islamic Heir?

No, bequests are only for non-Heirs. If a bequest is made in favour of an Heir, this would provide an unfair advantage to one Heir over another. The other Heirs have the right to block all or part of a bequest made to an Heir. However, Heirs can be nominated as the Beneficiaries of the MyLegacy Cover™ extender on the Tazkiya™ Family Takaful. It would be better to give a gift while you are alive, but be mindful that this can still create an unfair disadvantage .

What is the maximum entry age for MyLegacy Cover™?

Our maximum entry age for MyLegacy Cover™ is 59 years old.

What if I’m a smoker?

No problem. MyLegacy Cover™ is available for smokers too. Non-smokers can do a CO test and benefit from reduced rates.

Do I need to go for blood tests for MYLEGACY COVER™?

For R10 million cover or less, you do not need to go for a blood test and we only require non-invasive underwriting. For cover greater than R10 million, you will be required to go for a blood test.

Does my MYLEGACY COVER™ cover increase annually?

Yes. MyLegacy Cover™ cover amount, excluding the Cash Back BeneFactor™ portion, increases by the higher of 4% or CPI.