Frequently asked questions


Do I need a Will if I have no assets?

Items such as Current Accounts are considered as assets, and therefore form part of your Estate. Yet, if you do pass away with no assets then the event of your death is noted as per Section 18(3).

Can my child(ren) draw from their inheritance in the Guardian’s Fund?

Applicants may claim maintenance / allowances from the Guardian’s Fund. Please visit the relevant Master of the High Court’s website for detailed information.

What happens if/when parents die without a Will?

When both parents (natural guardians) die simultaneously (at the same time) without a Will, the Intestate Succession Act No 81 of 1987 comes into force

At what age should you / may you write a Will?

You may draft a Will at the age of 16.

Why is it important to have a Will? What is the purpose of a Will?

What is the purpose of a will and what is its purpose?