Inheritance Taxes: Estate Duty and Capital Gains Tax Alex Simeonides – CEO

Our CEO, Alex Simeonides, had the opportunity to educate and provide insight into the impact of inheritance taxes on a deceased Estate. He succinctly approaches this topic by answering eight pertinent questions.

These insights have been published in one online publication, Business Tech on the 1st of June 2019, and two print publication, namely The Cape Argus and The Daily News on the 4th of June 2019.

Professionalisation and Regulation of the Industry Alex Simeonides – CEO

Our CEO, Alex Simeonides, took part in a radio interview on Smile Radio (107FM), with presenter Benito Vergotine on the 21st of May 2019.

They discussed the current lack of accountability within the Fiduciary Industry and the necessity of professionalising and regulating the industry to bring about accountability and protect customers. As inspired by the Financial Services Industry there are certain requirements that when implemented would hold service providers accountable and protect the customer.

The Importance of Wills Eduann Vorster – Director of Marketing, People, Legal & Risk

Our Director of Marketing, People and Legal & Risk, Eduann Vorster, was a guest on CCFM (107.5FM), with presenter Tsholo Leutlwetse (Lady T) on the 16th of May 2019.

They discussed why the business of death needs to get better at protecting customers. They also touched on the basic information you need to know about your Will and what happens when you pass away.

Alex Simeonides – CEO

Financial Wellness: Costs when you die, and the Administration of deceased Estate by Capital Legacy
Presented by Refiloe Matsela on Power 98.7

Alex Simeonides – CEO

The Importance of having a Will
Presented by Azania Mosaka on 702

Your Last Will and Testament – National Wills Week Alex Simeonides – CEO

It can be really difficult to understand what exactly you need to put in your Will and who should be in it and whether a declaration on a napkin can be considered as something official. Our CEO, Alex Simeonides joined ETV to explain this very important document.

Eduann Vorster – Director of Marketing, People, Legal & Risk

All about Last Will and Testaments – September is Wills Month!
Presented by Wynand Rossouw on Radio Pulpit/Radiokansel

Talking Wills David Moore

Capital Legacy – Wills specialists
Presented by Ray Donovan on 93.8 Mix FM