Inaccurate product comparisons stifle innovation and harm clients

We are trying to make sure that the industry provides solutions to real problems, providing an important service to the consumer. Through inaccurate competitor marketing, we are not providing solutions or benefits to the advisor and consumer, we are just telling the market what we think another company does wrong.

Publication: Business Brief

Kyk na jou geldsake voor jy in die huwelik tree

Jy het al die ring gekies, datum vasgestel en jou gaste uitgenooi. Maar het jy aan alles gedink?

Ongeag jou ouderdom of die tipe troue wat jy op besluit het, is daar belangrike geldsake wat jy in ag moet neem voor jy in die huwelik tree.

Publication: Parys Gazette, Carletonville Herald, Aliwal Weekblad, Maroela Media

Five questions about your Will you may be too afraid to ask

We know we should have one, but why do so many of us avoid drawing up a Will?

Between trying to earn a living, getting the grocery shopping done and squeezing in a gym workout, many of us avoid thinking about the inevitable – what would happen to our ‘stuff’ if we die?

Publication: Witbank News

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Tying the knot this year… These are the facts you need to know

You’ve picked the ring, set the date and invited the guests. But have you thought of everything? Regardless of what age you are and what type of wedding you’ve chosen, make sure you consider these important money matters before you officially tie the knot.

Publication: Personal Finance, IOL, Wedding and Function, Netwerk24, Weslander, South Coast Fever, Roodepoort Record, Randfontein Herald

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Finance Matters – The importance of protecting your savings and investments through effective estate planning and administration

Our MD, Brandon Garbutt, joined Nickolaus Bauer on the Aubrey Masango Show for an interview. They discussed the importance of having a Will, what determines the validity of a Will and the value of consulting a professional when drafting a Will. Furthermore, they discuss the unforeseen costs of winding up an Estate and the professional fees you can expect to pay.
Brandon answered questions that were sent in via Whatsapp or from people who called in during the show. Click on the link to listen to the interview.

Publication: 702, The Aubrey Masango Show

Promise to self – live a legacy

So many people make new year’s resolutions, yet so few people actually keep them. This, however, does not need to be the case. By looking back, we can evaluate how far we’ve come and focus on what we need to change for the future.

Publication: News 24

Three surprising ways divorce can affect your will

This year, nearly one in five married South Africans will make the decision to start afresh and get a divorce. As you put your life back together after a relationship split, don’t get distracted from updating your will to reflect your new status.
Update your will within three months or you may as well still be married to your ex.

Publication: Phoenix Sun, The Citizen, FA News

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Financial advice for the new year – save, invest, protect

Everyone has a plan. So, what will you do differently this year to make sure you’re in an even better situation next time round in 2021? But even more to the point, what will it take to ensure your family is not left in a worse situation if you happen to die.

Publication: Business Report, IOL, FA News, 247 News.Africa

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Golf day fundraiser for cerebral palsy helps many

Cerebral palsy is a common group of neurological motor and movement disabilities often developed during childhood. Except for the immense physical strain cerebral palsy places on those affected by it, there is also a heavy financial burden on the families.

For this reason, the Dempsey Foundation came into being. Its founders, Johan and Claudette van Schoor felt a need to help others in a similar situation after finding out that their son, Dempsey van Schoor was afflicted by this disability.

Publication: FA News – Alex Simeonides

We all want to make sure we take care of our families as best we can, and often worry about how they will be cared for when we pass away. This concern is often amplified for parents who have children who have special needs.

Alex Simeonides, CEO of Capital Legacy, provides some inside into the benefits of a Provider Trust.