Alex Simeonides, chat about the latest Wills-related stories making news headlines

Tony Blewitt and our CEO, Alex Simeonides, chat about the latest Wills-related stories making news headlines, including the late Zulu King’s Will debacle. Alex brings home the importance of having a valid and up-to-date Will in place to ensure you avoid leaving your loved ones with a debacle when you pass away. Did you know that Capital Legacy offers the option of online Will consultations for your convenience? There really is no excuse not to get your affairs in order and have peace of mind today!


Alex’s interview about Estate administration

Our CEO, Alex Simeonides, shares some insight on some of the things that need to be kept in consideration when an Estate is being administered. Recently, a Capetonian man embarked on a journey by taking on the role of Executor. Considering this unique case, Alex shares some of the reason why drafting a Will is so important.


Fiduciary challenges for Muslim Communities

Shari’ah is an Islamic religious law that governs not only religious rituals, but also the aspects of day-to-day life in Islam. Up until now, there have been very few feasible financial services solutions for South African Muslims who want to honour their Islamic faith in this regard. A Shari’ah compliant will or Islamic Will differs from other Wills in that the beneficiaries are determined on the death of the Testator, rather than being specially identified under the terms of the will drafted during a testator’s lifetime. Check out the latest article by our CEO, Alex Simeonides, to find out more about the fiduciary challenges Muslim communities face, as featured in the FA News magazine! To combat these challenges, we’ve launched 𝗧𝗮𝘇𝗸𝗶𝘆𝗮™ – the first of its kind Shari’ah-compliant Will, Family Takaful and Estate Administration offering in South Africa.




The importance of having a Will and Life Cover

Our MD, Brandon Garbutt, and Sasha Martinengo discuss the importance of having a Will and Life Cover. Discover why it just makes sense to do your Life Cover with the people you trust to do your Will. Capital Legacy’s unique Life Cover solution – MyCover™ – is straightforward, affordable and seamlessly integrated into your Will, ensuring the right people get paid the right amounts.


It makes sense to do your life cover with the people you trust to do your Will

Learn why it just makes sense to do your life cover with the people you trust to do your Will. Tony Blewitt interviews our CEO, Alex Simeonides, about the importance of having a valid Last Will and Testament and the risks of not having enough liquidity in your Estate when you pass away. Alex shares real and practical examples of cases where there hasn’t been enough liquidity and the consequences that arose as a result of this. For example, your loved ones could lose their home if it needs to be auctioned off to cover your debts and legal fees. You’ll find out how it’s critical to align the plan for the beneficiaries you wish to nominate in your Will with your life cover beneficiaries. Doing this helps avoid any oversite that could result in tragic situations.  Complete your Estate Planning by connecting with Capital Legacy for your Will and life cover.


Sal jy jou kinders se erfporsie in die hande van die regering oorlaat?

Deur Alex Simeonides – Hoofuitvoerendebeampte van Capital Legacy

As ouers wy ons onsself toe aan die versorging van ons kinders om te verseker dat daar aan al hulle behoeftes voorsien word – fisies, emosioneel en natuurlik finansieel. Die doelwitte is om gelukkige, gesonde, en gebalanseerde jong volwassenes groot te maak wat deurdagte besluite kan neem, om hulle ‘n voorsprong in die lewe te gee deur ons harde werk en goeie rentmeesterskap en om hulle te beskerm teen die groot, slegte wêreld daar buite terwyl hulle nog klein is. Maar wat sal gebeur as jy skielik nie meer daar is om aan hulle behoeftes te voorsien nie?

Lees meer in hierdie artikel oor hoe belangrik dit is on u Testament op te stel.


Interview with Brandon Garbutt on Hot 91.9FM

In his latest interview on Hot 91.9FM our MD, Brandon Garbutt shares how to go about ensuring you have a valid Will drafted. This important conversation sheds light on why it’s vital to have an updated and valid Last Will and Testament in place and how easy we have made it to have your Will drafted.

Brandon also explains how seeing the lack of sufficient life cover clients have when winding up estates led to a natural progression for Capital Legacy to introduce a Life Cover solution called MyCoverTM.


Tony Blewitt and our CEO, Alex Simeonides, discuss the cost of dying and executorship

Did you know that there are numerous unexpected costs and legal fees associated with dying, including Executor fees, taxes, immediate expenses (funeral, groceries, travel) and more?
Listen to our latest live interview on MixFM. Tony Blewitt and our CEO, Alex Simeonides, discuss these costs of dying, executorship and how to ensure that your family is protected through our Legacy Protection Plan™ which accompanies your Will to protect your family from this burden.


Children’s Inheritance

What would happen when you are suddenly no longer there to look after your children? Who would take on the parental mantle you leave behind and who would make sure that any inheritance you have accumulated for your children is actually received by them and managed properly to their benefit? What many parents don’t realise is that they leave their children’s inheritances at the mercy of the Government Guardian’s Fund when they don’t make the proper provisions for the possibility that their children may face tomorrow without them. When children lose both their parents, they and their inheritances become wards of the high court.

Society has this common misperception that you only need to draft a will when you have excess wealth and lots of assets – but your will does so much more. Not only do you include in your will who inherits what, but also who should be your children’s guardian(s) as well as how the money and assets you leave to them should be managed – ensuring that the inheritance you leave to your children are managed efficiently, compassionately and with competence.




Tony Blewitt interviews Capital Legacy CEO

Tony Blewitt interviews our CEO, Alex Simeonides, to answer more listener-driven questions about Wills and Estates. Alex explains why it’s advisable to have your Will drafted professionally and the importance of having a correctly signed and valid Will in place. Alex also shares advice about the considerations that business owners should take into account when drafting their Last Will and Testament.