Cover yourself against the
unexpected costs of dying.

Death is never easy for those left behind but you can remove the additional burden on your loved ones by
eliminating unexpected costs and ensuring your legacy lives on.

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The real cost of dying

Along with the heartache of death comes a variety of additional burdens in the form of legal fees and expenses which have to be taken care of by your loved ones. Understanding these legal fees and expenses can help you prepare for them and ensure that these costs are covered and the burden on your loved ones is alleviated.

With our innovative Legacy Protection Plan™ you can cover all your legal fees and other expenses associated with dying
from as little as R87.31 per month.


What are the costs
of dying?

Without a Legacy Protection Plan™ from Capital Legacy,
these are some of the fees your family will need to cover when you pass away.

Executor fees

This is the industry standard fee charged by the Executor or assisting professional to wind-up your Estate. A maximum of 3.5% + VAT of your Estate will be charged. Example: An Estate worth R3 Million will pay R120 750 in fees.

Conveyancing attorney fees

This is the fee charged by the Conveyancing Attorney when property needs to be transferred. Example: A home worth
R1 850 000 being transferred to a Beneficiary will cost R30 544 in fees to the Estate.

Testamentary trust fees

This is the fee charged by the Trustees to administer the Trust you create in terms of your Will, normally to look after the money you leave to your minor Children. On average, 1.15% of the net asset value is charged to establish the Trust, and 1.6% is charged annually for the ongoing administration of the Trust. Example: The total cost with R1.5 Million in assets over 15 years is R377 250.

Masters fees

The fee paid to the Master of the High Court regarding their fulfilment of their role in the administration of your Estate.

Correspondence fees

Fees associated with corresponding with the Master of the High Court.

Clearance fees

One of the requirements to transfer a property is obtaining a clearance certificate from the city council or municipality.
This will be issued only if the rates and taxes are paid in advance. Some areas require up to 6 months paid in advance.

Advertisement costs

Two advertisements have to be placed in a local newspaper and the Government Gazette. The costs can vary between R1 000 and R1 500 depending on the publication selected.

Inheritance tax

Not only will all outstanding taxes have to be paid from the Estate before it may be finalised, but the Executor will have to determine whether Capital Gains Tax (CGT) or Estate Duty is payable at death.

Ongoing short-term bills

Bills such as medical aid, schools fees, car insurance, water, lights, rates, etc. still need to be paid even though bank accounts are frozen.

Other immediate expenses

Costs associated with arranging a funeral such as catering, travel and other expenses.
These fees eat away at the legacy you plan to leave behind. Don't burden your family. Protect your legacy. Get covered now!



Our unique, first-to-market Legacy Protection Plan™ is a complete solution that accompanies your Will and covers you and your loved ones from the inevitable legal fees associated with dying.

What’s more, the Legacy Protection Plan™ also offers you and your loved ones protection from various other expenses that arise when you pass away.

Cover Legal Fees

The Legacy Protection Plan™ is an innovative insurance product, starting from as little as R87.31 per month, that accompanies your Will and covers the legal fees such as Executor Fees, Testamentary Trust Fees, Conveyance Attorney Fees and other costs associated with dying including Master’s Fees, advertising costs, monthly bills, etc.

Cash Benefits

An immediate cash benefit up to R152 586 will be paid to a Beneficiary of your choice, within 48 hours.

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Get up to R15 million life cover and up to R5 million cover for impairment and critical illness as an Extender Benefit to your Legacy Protection Plan™. It makes sense to do your life cover with the people you trust to do your Will.


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R30 000 integrated benefit, at no cost to you, to cover the costs of petitioning the courts to accept an unsigned or invalid Will.

Flexible Options

Options available to suit all your needs, whether or not you have an existing illness or are older than 60 years of age.

Plans for over 60 year olds

Cover 75% of all your legal fees for only R108.55 per month.
Cover 90% of all your legal fees for only R152.49 per month.
No medicals required and flat premium regardless of age.

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Our plans

FeePlan™ Lite

only R108.55 per month

Cash Benefit:


Legal Fee Coverage:


FeePlan™ Classic

only R152.49 per month

Cash Benefit:


Legal Fee Coverage:


Bronze Plan

from R87.31 per month

Cash Benefit:

R25 996

Legal Fee Coverage:

R141 284

Silver Plan

from R108.55 per month

Cash Benefit:

R73 467

Legal Fee Coverage:

R282 568

Gold Plan

from R129.79 per month

Cash Benefit:

R124 329

Legal Fee Coverage:

R847 704

Platinum Plan

from R169.90 per month

Cash Benefit:

R158 237

Legal Fee Coverage:

R1 695 408

Diamond Plan

from R211.19 per month

Cash Benefit:

R186 494

Legal Fee Coverage:

R3 390 816

Unlimited Plan

from R303.22 per month

Cash Benefit:

R186 494

Legal Fee Coverage:

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Integrated benefits

Immediate Liquidity™

When you pass away, your family could have limited access to money. Ensure there is money available to cater for things such as funeral expenses, travel arrangements, groceries and other immediate expenses. This benefit seamlessly protects not only yourself, but your Spouse, Children and Parents too.

Immediate Liquidity™ Benefit:
Up to R152 586


Estates take time to wrap up and in the meantime your family has numerous accounts and monthly expenses to pay. This benefit will keep the lights on, pay the medical aid, pay the school fees, pay for groceries and cover the insurance.
Through the Executor, accounts are paid directly to the service provider, every month, for up to 6 months.

Estate Overheads Protector™:
Up to R33 908


If both you and your Spouse should pass away, it can be a financial shock to your Beneficiaries. It’s often too expensive to cover the costs associated with both Spouses passing away simultaneously. Through this benefit, you can provide for inheritance taxes and other additional legal costs as well as the loss of monthly income.

Estate Gap Cover™:
Up to R1 695 408



Over the years, we've seen how traumatic the Estate Administration process can be for families that may not have effectively planned for the financial costs of dying, causing massive delays and often financial ruin for the Estate.

We have all the legal, professional and insurance expertise under one roof which allows us to quickly and efficiently execute an Estate without delays and burdensome processes.

Our average Estate Administration turnaround time is only 6 - 9 months compared to the industry which can see Estates take years to conclude. This means we can execute an Estate at costs well below the industry norm, allowing us to pass this cost saving back to you in the form of low premiums and higher benefits.

Many people fail to set aside funding to cover the legal fees and expenses associated with winding up an Estate causing a burden on the family left behind. To alleviate this burden, the Legacy Protection Plan™ ensures dedicated provision for all the costs associated with dying.