Without a will, you leave your family with trust issues

Don’t leave your family scrambling to pick up the pieces, save them time and money by piecing it together for them beforehand.

Without a will, you leave your family with trust issues

Need a will?

All we need is an hour of your time to save you from potential chaos.

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There are consequences to not having a will

We don’t mean to scare you, but...

there are consequences to not having a will:

By failing to plan your will, you cannot decide who inherits your legacy and your estate is left to the government to wind up, according to South African law. Do we need to say more?

By not having a will in place, your partner could be left with nothing and your children’s inheritance could pass to their appointed Guardian or the Government Guardian’s Fund. Don’t leave your family preparing for a family feud, rather let your memory and legacy to be passed on with a will consultation today.

Plan with a purpose

Regardless of how complex or simple, big or small, let us offer you the ideal solution for your will.

Simple or Complex Wills

Let us help you draft a will that caters to every unique, testamentary need, whether you own a little or own a lot.

Worldwide & Offshore Wills

Working with the law, we will ensure all your assets are protected, whether South African or international.

Wills with Purpose Driven Trusts

From Children's Trusts, Provider Trusts and Widow Trusts, let us help you protect the ones you love the most.

Shari’ah - Compliant Wills

The first of its kind in South Africa, we can offer our Muslim customers certainty for their families, while honouring their faith.

We take pride in being easy.

Draft your will in four, short and simple steps.

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Personalised Consultation

Our expert consultant drives out to meet with you to understand your needs and guide you through the process of drafting your will.

We draft your will

Within 48 hours, we will send you your first will draft. At this point, we can make any amendment ot changes to ensure you are completely satisfied.

Final will signed and collected

Once you have signed your will, just click a button and we will collect your will, at no cost to you.

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Prevent a family feud by having will.

We get it, life is busy - but Death waits for no-one. Save yourself from potential chaos and let us help you set up the most important document you’ll ever draft.