KeyPlan™ helps Government employees leave a lasting legacy

There are more than 1.3 million government employees in South Africa. Nearly 75% do not have a last will and testament in place.

KeyPlan™ helps Government employees leave a lasting legacy

There are more than 1.3 million government employees in South Africa. Nearly 75% do not have a last will and testament in place. Neither do they have a plan or product in place to cover the costs when they pass away.

Many people think that when they pass away a funeral plan should take care of all the associated costs.

Mostly they don’t know that along with the heartache of death comes legal fees and expenses which your loved ones have to take care of, and which is more often than not, a very nasty surprise to boot. 

These costs may run into many thousands of rands, and examples thereof are executor’s costs which might be up to 3,5% of the value of the estate. Then there are the costs associated with the Master of the High Court, conveyancing costs, taxes and creditors to be paid, amongst others. 

Other expenses that need to be provided for if a loved one passes away are cash for immediate expenses & monthly bills, the costs of your children’s education and providing for your parents.

Understanding these legal fees and expenses can help you prepare for them and ensure that these costs are covered and the burden on your loved ones is alleviated.

That is why Capital Legacy believe in educating all South Africans on the importance of having a last will & testament and also have very affordable products to indemnify legal costs and even help to look after your children and parents.

One of our excellent, affordable solutions is KeyPlanTM and it consists of us drafting a will for you free of charge and offering you very affordable cover. 

How it works

Your Cover

KeyPlanTM covers up to R1 997 027 from as little as R129.25 per month.

Your will

We will draft your will, to which you may make as many amendments as you need, and we will keep your will in safekeeping until you need it, at no cost.

Why you should consider KeyPlan™

Should you pass away, as a KeyPlan™ holder, you will have the following benefits:

  • Legal Fee Coverage: It covers the cost of executor’s testamentary trust and conveyance attorney fees.
  • Estate OverheadsTM Protector: This is a once-off lump sum cash benefit that pays to the estate to cover external fees, such as Master’s fees, advertising costs and property clearances.
  • Immediate LiquidityTM: Immediate cash benefit to cater for funeral expenses, travel arrangements, groceries, and other immediate expenses.

There are three KeyPlan™ options to choose from, namely Bronze, Silver, and Gold. The Silver and Gold options’ monetary benefits are bigger than that of the Bronze option and therefore it is slightly more expensive. 

Optional solutions:

EduProtect™ Benefit

Protect your Children’s educational future with EduProtect™, an optional extender benefit of KeyPlan™.

How it works

Should you pass away, EduProtect™ is designed to help cover the cost of schooling for your child from grade 1 to matric, or until they turn 18.

Why you should consider EduProtect™

The younger your child, the greater the financial implications are to cover their schooling, should you pass away.

As the leading provider of wills and estates in South Africa, the creation and administration of your child’s trust through us is an integrated service, which provides greater efficiency and indemnification of fees for you, when you compare it to the service provided by a traditional life insurer.

From this trust, up to R2 195 per month is paid towards covering the costs associated with schooling for your child, including fees, uniforms, transport, stationery, and textbooks.


A new-born will have 12 years of schooling with a total benefit value of R708 273. 

A seven-year-old will have 11 years of schooling with a total benefit value of R478 276.

A thirteen-year-old will have 5 years of schooling with a total benefit value of R223 233.

The examples are based on future values which is calculated on 7% return plus 5% inflation per annum. Premiums starting from as little as R81.97

Integrated into the EduProtect™ Benefit

LifeStarter™ Benefit

Pays out as a cash lump sum on your child’s 18th birthday, predetermined by you, upfront.

Tribute Benefit

Provides cover to the value of R21 945 should you pass away within 5 years of your child turning 18 years old.

No further premiums are payable once your child turns 18.    

Optional solutions:

Parent Immediate Liquidity™ Benefit

Get up to R11 509 to cover immediate expenses, when a parent passes away, such as:

  • Funeral costs
  • Travel arrangements
  • Groceries
  • Other immediate expenses

You also get R11 509 Maximum Indemnity Benefit™, equivalent to the cash benefit, to indemnify or cover the fees and costs associated with winding up a parent’s estate. This includes executor’s fees, testamentary trust fees, and conveyance attorney fees.

The plan value to the plan holder is up to R23 018 and premiums start from as little as R96.09 per month.

How it works:

The Parent Immediate Liquidity™ Benefit pays an additional cash lump sum to you when you need it most to cover unexpected costs, immediately after the loss of a parent.

To find out more or to book your complimentary consultation for KeyPlan™, contact us on [email protected] .

Whether you’re in need of a will, life insurance, education cover,
or the power of all three, we have got you covered.

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