The easy will journey - Part 3: Ready, set, get your will drafted

So, here we are, ready to tackle the nitty-gritty of actually getting your will drafted. You’ve made the crucial decision to sort out your affairs – kudos to you! Now, the big question is, where do you start?

The easy will journey - Part 3: Ready, set, get your will drafted

Fear not, we're here to guide you through legal lingo and decision-making. 

The Drafting Dream Team

You’ve got options! You can draft a will with the help of a law firm, financial advisor, bank, or DIY. Each one has its pros and cons, like choosing between a buffet and à la carte dining.

Here’s where Capital Legacy stands out – we specialise in wills and estates and bring the personal touch to the table. Flexibility is our middle name. Let’s walk you through what you can expect from a Capital Legacy consultation.

Capital Legacy: Where Personal Meets Practical

Picture this: you, cozy in your own space, chatting with one of our friendly experts either in person, online, or over the phone. We’re flexible like that because we know life doesn’t always stick to a script. 

Step by Step, No Drama

During your consultation, you can expect a walk in the park (well, more like a stroll through the park of your financial future). We’ll guide you through the process like a gentle GPS.

Here’s a sneak peek of what to expect:

  • Step 1: Getting to Know You

We start by getting to know you better. We’ll chat about your assets, your wishes, and your vision for the future. It’s a friendly conversation, with a purpose.

  • Step 2: Beneficiaries and Trusts

Next, we dive into beneficiaries – who gets what from your estate. If there are minors involved, we’ll explore setting up a testamentary trust to ensure their well-being.

  • Step 3: Guardians and Executors

Got little ones in the picture? We’ll discuss who should be their guardian. You want someone who’ll care for them as you would. Selecting the right executor is crucial. They’ll ensure your wishes are carried out faithfully, so choose wisely. At Capital Legacy we can be your executors and you can also opt to nominate a co-executor of your choosing.

  • Step 4: Last Wishes

Your last wishes matter to us. Whether it’s a specific burial spot or a desire to be an organ donor, we’ll ensure it’s all documented clearly.

The full consultation shouldn’t take more than 45 minutes!

The Consequences of a Missing Will

Now, here’s the sobering part – what happens if you don’t have a will in place? Brace yourselves because it’s not a pretty picture:

Family Feuds: Without a clear will, your loved ones might find themselves in heated disputes over your estate. Drama alert!

Estate Limbo: Winding up your estate can turn into a never-ending saga without a will, and the government might end up calling the shots. Not ideal!

No Say in Guardianship: If you’ve got kids, not having a will means you can’t choose who’ll look after them. It’s like leaving their future up to chance.

Inheritance Surprises: Your estate could end up in the hands of people you never intended to benefit from it. Talk about an estate mix-up.

Partner Problems: If you’re not married or haven’t updated your will post-divorce, your partner might get the short end of the stick.

Kids Left Hanging: Instead of your children receiving what’s rightfully theirs, it might end up in government hands. Not the legacy you’d envisioned, right?

Liquidity in Your Estate

Please remember this – whether your estate is a straightforward affair or a labyrinth of assets, you need cash on hand to cover costs like property transfers, executor fees, and debts.

Our Legacy Protection Plan™ has got your back. It covers all those legal and administrative costs, sparing your estate and beneficiaries from a financial headache. And with our MyCover™ Plan (straightforward life cover), you can even ensure your family’s ongoing expenses are taken care of.

And there you have it. The importance of getting your will drafted and how we’ve made it simple to do. So, get that will sorted! Your family will thank you. 

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